Canada: Whale Watching in Smoke

The smoke from Washington’s wildfires is so widespread that it’s billowing over the border into Canada. We watched it slowly turn the sky grey from the bank last night. And woke up this morning to the smell and thick, heavy air.

Canada: Enchanted Forests & ‘Boutique’ Hotels

Our final job site is all the way out on Vancouver island. Instead of lugging the trailer across on the ferry we’re treating ourselves to a few days away in a motel. We’re loving trailer life, but I can’t pretend I’m not looking forward to a real shower. And a wall separating literally any of these spaces: bedroom/bathroom/living room/kitchen.

Canada: Hanging Bridges

One of the benefits to having work after hours, is that we have all day to explore! Except for some time spent working on reports and preparing for the next bank, we have the entire day to check out Vancouver. Our horrible “campsite” (square of pavement) is minutes away from the historic Capilano Suspension Bridge. We almost went the other day, totally forgetting it was the long weekend. I called to book tickets and the guy on the phone basically begged me not to come – I could hear screaming children in the background. It didn’t take much to convince me that a weekday was the better choice.

Canada: City Camping and East Hastings

We’ve made it to Vancouver! The last stop (sort of) for the trip. There’s just a few more job sites in the city, and the last one will be on Vancouver Island. From there we’re just heading back, but taking a slightly different route along the southern Trans-Canada highway so we can hit Banff. 

Canada: 100 Mile House & Other Unique Towns

This unusual job is taking us all over the country to places I would have never otherwise been to, or maybe even heard of. For example, we’re now on our way from Quesnel, BC, to 100 Mile House.

Canada: Couriers to Edmonton

So that bottle of acetone that spilled everywhere? We had a replacement sent to my aunt and uncle in Edmonton via FedEx. Only… when I got the “delivered” e-mail, it seems that wasn’t the whole truth. The package was nowhere to be found.

Argentina: Parrillas Para Dos

I think we’re still jet lagged (can you be jet lagged when there’s only a one hour time difference?) from our 20 something hours of travel from Canada, because waking up before 10am is unnecessarily difficult. But waking up is, in fact, necessary, because we’re getting out of this shit hostel and moving into our Air BnB!

Argentina: Subte Rides and Cheese Pizzas

Today’s mission is to find a better room. We go to the subway (or, subte) and get a re-loadable tap card. I ask for two but the woman behind the glass says we can use one between us (obviously assuming we’re temporary tourists and I’m too lazy to explain that we’re planning to stay) so we just get one card and can always get another later. The card costs 90 ARS, and we can load on as much as we want.

Argentina: Arriving in Buenos Aires

I’ve read that taking a taxi from the airport can be a headache and will cost us almost $50 USD. I usually allow myself the luxury of a taxi from the airport no matter what it costs, but in this case I thought we should look for alternatives. Uber is controversial everywhere, but it seems especially bad in Argentina from what I’ve read, so I think we’ll skip that for now. A quick Google search back in Canada turned up, a service allows you to submit your desired pickup/drop off locations (anywhere in the world!) and have drivers ‘bid’ on the journey.

Vanuatu: Connecting Flights Home

The paranoia about catching my connecting flights from Santo to Port Vila and then home to Auckland has left me unable to sleep. A storm wakes me up in the middle of the night, and sparks a lucid dream where my flight is cancelled due to weather, and I’m running around the airport in a captains hat, urgently trying to charter my own plane. I have become Jeff with a J.