Vietnam: My Son Temple Ruins

We are up and ready to go by 7:30am. This is when our tour group is supposed to pick us up. I know things usually run late here, but when 8:00 rolls around and there’s still no bus I’m a little confused. I could have sworn he said that they’d pick us up here…but maybe we were supposed to go back to the booking office?

Japan: Mountain Trek Day 6

It’s our last day with Mountain Trek! We’ve got just a short day of hiking in order to make it to Kyoto at a reasonable hour. We’ll have one last meal together tonight, and that’s it. Some people have even arranged to fly home tomorrow morning! I’m really happy that Dad and I added a couple of extra days on either side of the trekking trip so we could see more of Japan.

Japan: Mountain Trek Day 2

I wake up from a deep sleep to the sound of my alarm at 5:37. It’s been ringing for 7 minutes without my noticing. I’m so comfy and warm! I don’t wanna get up, and although I have the choice to sleep for another hour, I know It’ll be worth my while to wake up.

Thailand: The White Temple

We get up early to catch a van that will take us closer to Laos. We won’t actually reach Laos for 2 more days, and will be traveling mostly by boat, but today we take a van further north-east in Thailand. The van fits 10 people so we share the space with some other groups of people. There is a group of girls (3 American and 1 Canadian), a German couple, an older French guy, and a younger guy who looks Scandinavian, but I don’t know for sure where he’s from. It’s a quiet ride to the hotel.

Thailand: Doi Suthamp Temple

Doi Suthamp Temple is the most famous in Chiang Mai, so I have to see it. We wake up relatively late and go downstairs for our delicious croissant breakfast creation. I am set on seeing this temple, which Ilona has no desire to visit, so instead of dragging her up 300 stairs (we’ll get to the stairs) and instead of missing it, I choose to go alone. As directed by the front desk guy downstairs, I hop into a tuk tuk that takes me to the Chiang Mai Zoo, which is right at the bottom of the mountain heading up to the Temple. From the Zoo I get in a big red truck/bus crossover thing that is another form of taxiing in Thailand.