Thailand: Beach Sunsets and Glowing Sea

Today we are supposed to be rock climbing, as Krabi is one of the best places in the world to do it. Unfortunately, halfway through the morning just before we go to get ready to rock climb, the rain starts pouring down. We post-pone until tomorrow and spend a lot of the day just Skyping friends from home and relaxing indoors.

Thailand: Relaxing in Railay

We get up and go downstairs for breakfast. When I say downstairs I mean actually downstairs, because our guesthouse is located on a hill about 100 meters straight up from the main road. There’s a long wooden stair case that leads up to a very uneven set of brick stairs to get to the top, which was hell when I had to carry my backpack up the first time we arrived, but now I just look at it as good exercise. I am in the islands after all, and will be in a bikini A LOT so I might as well take advantage of it.

Thailand: Bring On the Beach

Today is my one-month-away-from-home-aversary! One month ago today I was standing in Pearson International Airport, getting ready to board a flight to India. It feels like forever ago, and I seriously can’t believe it’s only been a month, but most importantly, I’m elated that I still have another 11 months to go!