Canada: Being in Charge of the Bank

For most of our journey thus far I’ve been visiting banks during office hours. I walk around the whole building checking to make sure any asbestos-containing materials are in good condition and not giving people mesothelioma. You may not know this, but not all asbestos is dangerous just because it’s there.

New Zealand: Bungy Jumping and Flat Tires

So…guess I’m boutta go jump off a bridge. Of all the extreme sports/activities New Zealand has to offer, bungy jumping somehow seems the scariest. I could comfortably jump out of a plane with another human attached to me, I think parasailing and white water rafting look rad, but I’m not sure I can will myself to jump off a bridge. We’re about to find out.

Thailand: Train to Chiang Mai

We wake up at noon to a phone call from the front desk asking us if we will be checking out. Shit. We slept in WAY too late and now we’re not only late for check out, but late for our train to Chiang Mai!