Japan: Kyoto to Tokyo

It’s our last day in Kyoto. It’s a city that I could spend A LOT more time in, but it’s hard to fit every thing in over a three week period. I need to spend some time in Tokyo!
We check out and spend the morning walking around Teramachi for the last time. It’s so nice to walk around with just our day packs and not to worry about our big luggage. It’s probably sitting safely in our Tokyo hotel as I type.

Japan: Will We Ever Learn?

Breakfast is the very very last time we get to see everyone before they leave. I really hate goodbyes, I always feel like I have so much more to say and I don’t like the finality of it all. Alas, it must be done.

Japan: Cherry Blossom Season

Another day, another mediocre breakfast.
We take a cab to Ryoanji, a temple with a beautiful Japanese rock garden, where Angela is waiting for us. We are lucky to get there early enough to avoid the huge crowds that gather at the historic site. Multiple tour busses full of people come through this temple daily.

Japan: Sightseeing in Kyoto

Our hotel room is the bomb. I fell asleep while writing last night and gave up on actually trying to describe it. It’s probably four times the size of our room in Tokyo. There is a front section equipped with a closet and shelving unit, a bathroom with two smaller separate spaces for the toilet and for the shower/bath.

Japan: A Day in Nara

I wake up at 1:30am. This is not good. I don’t usually struggle so much with jet lag, but today it’s getting the best of me. I can’t get back to sleep so I waste time taking an awesome shower in our awesome bathroom. I would basically just like to duplicate this entire restroom in my permanent home. Though, I think I can do without all the bidet buttons and stuff for the toilet. That ain’t me. Bring on the heated seat, though.