Cold Waterfalls and Highway Driving

We survive the night without any demonic activity from the creepy candle lit church. The candle is out by morning. 

We get an extremely early start for our hike. We don’t have time to summit so we’re just doing a 2 hour climb instead, before getting on our way back to Athens. 

The weather is perfect under the shade of the trees along the trail. I think this is the first time I’ve been a comfortable temperature since I’ve been in Greece. 

We’re the only people on the mountain for the whole hike! Getting up this early, and it being a Monday, made for the perfect combination. We don’t see another human until the very end of our walk, where we stop at a little waterfall for a dip. The water is FREEZING, but so so clear. Refreshing, but like doing a cold plunge. 

We spend an hour, first below the falls, and then at an even bigger and more beautiful falls behind it. We have to literally climb up over the small waterfall to reach it and I’m afraid I’ll never get back down but somehow we do. 

 Some Greek families come for a swim as well, and it’s good that we decided to explore further because Joseba had been swimming “en pellotas” (literally translates to “in balls” or just, naked) before deciding to climb over the waterfall. We hadn’t seen another person all morning so he assumed  it was safe. Nah. 

Yes, I climbed over this

We get back to the car to dry off and hit town for some food and a phone recharging. The little restaurant where we stop is probably the most precious place of all time. Small, family run, and very excited about having foreign customers, this might be one of the best restaurants I’ve been to here! We’re given giant portions and some extra things like tzatziki and dessert on the house. The owner picks me a fresh stalk of basil leaves while singing and dancing around the restaurant, watering his flowers. I’m never leaving, this is my home now. Come visit! 

Joseba is our designated driver, but when he starts talking about his need for a RedBull an hour into our five hour drive, I offer to take us home. I LOVE driving, especially manual cars, but never have the occasion because I live in big cities. In Canada almost everything is automatic, so even when I do get to drive it’s not the fun kind. It’s been a while since I’ve driven a stick shift but it’s a highway…hardly much shifting to be done. 

The boys are cool with it and I’m super cool with it so I get to cruise home while the spaniards take a little siesta. It’s only when we have to stop at tollbooths that I feel truly alive, having to shift down to a stop, and back up to 120km an hour. I’m not really a car person but I do love something about switching gears. If I ever own another car in my life, it will be a manual. 

Siesta time

I pull over before we hit Athens so Joseba can take over and drive us through the insanity of this city. People drive like animals here and I don’t want to be responsible for their lives (or the insurance). The other night I literally watched a motorcycle t-bone a car when the driver tried to use his emergency break to make a fancy 180 flip into a parking spot, and failed. Idiot. 

We make it home alive and I’m passed out before midnight. 

Meteora and Mt. Olympus are well worth a visit when in Greece! The train is the cheaper option (if you book in advance), but I DO suggest renting a car for the freedom to move around whenever and wherever you want. Camping under a tree on a cliff helps save on accommodation costs too. Just sayin’. 


We’ve been working hard, and since arriving, the school has gained 20+ volunteers, so we’re taking the weekend off. I’ve been dreaming of Meteora ever since I saw some fantastic photos a couple years ago. Probably on Instagram, if we’re being honest, but I don’t remember for sure. Continue reading “Meteora”

Men’s Residence

I love Greek food, but I do not like these little cactus fruits someone in our house has picked up from the grocery store. I’m not actually sure they’re Greek, but I’ve never seen them before. Continue reading “Men’s Residence”

Summer Camp

We have a bit of a trek to cover this morning so we leave early. Cesc has been in contact with another refugee camp outside of the city, which will take us about an hour and a half to reach. I’m a little reluctant to go at all, because it doesn’t seem sustainable or wise for us to spend our time traveling there and back every day, but it can’t hurt to check it out. Continue reading “Summer Camp”

Markets and More Tea

Alright. Another day, another attempt at getting sorted in the squatters residence. The Portuguese volunteers are opening the clothing donation room for distribution and suggest we come help out at noon. Again, we arrive on time. Again, no one is around. Continue reading “Markets and More Tea”

Kefalonia to Athens

I quietly sneak around the room in the morning, packing up the last of my belongings and trying not to wake anyone. I feel a bit bad that I won’t say a proper goodbye, but I really hate goodbyes anyway so this is better.  Continue reading “Kefalonia to Athens”

Tindering While Traveling 

Yesterday was a SHIT day. I was in such a state. Didn’t even write about it because it was so uneventful. Basically, I walked 4km into town in the hopes of renting a scooter and driving up to the Shipwreck lookout point. What actually happened, is that I walked all the way to Laganas just to be rejected by at least 8 shops because I have a Canadian license. Top of the list of tasks to accomplish when I get back to Canada: Get an international license. Continue reading “Tindering While Traveling “

Shipwreck Beach

Alright. Round 2 of trying to make it to this Shipwreck Beach tour. Today it’s at noon instead of 9am. Bless.

I get picked up hitching and make it early to the pick up spot. This is conveniently located in front of a super market, where I go in quickly to buy some fruit for breakfast/lunch. Continue reading “Shipwreck Beach”

Turtles and Caves

Committing to an 8:30am tour feels like the biggest mistake I’ve ever made. I didn’t go out last night, I had a very chill day, but I haven’t had to get up early in weeks. My body clock is rejecting this. But hey! I’m goin’ to see a cool beach (famous Shipwreck) and some caves so I do eventually drag myself out of bed.  Continue reading “Turtles and Caves”