New Zealand: Rangitoto Island

Guys. I have to tell you about how much I love this cafe. It’s my new home. There’s a “take a book, leave a book” shelf, couches, solid wifi, a decent selection of teas, a giant window I can sit in with my laptop, and a random little vintage pac-man arcade game in the corner. I’m obsessed. This is where I spend every morning.

Iceland: South Coast Drive

I hardly need my 8am alarm to wake me up, because buddy across from me has been snoring louder than I ever thought humanly possible. All night. I had fallen asleep before Sev got in, but when I went to bed there was definitely a blanket there for him. When I wake up I see snores McGee is wearing a blanket and Sev is not. Thief!!!

The Philippines: Jellyfish Revenge

Our boat to Manila leaves tonight at 6pm. We have been forewarned that we’ll need to be at the pier for 4pm, but we still wanted to do something fun with our last day here so we’ve booked a tour. Three of the girls who came with us on our little catamaran adventure have booked an island hopping tour featuring a shipwreck site, which is what I was most looking forward to in Coron.