Iceland: South Coast Drive

I hardly need my 8am alarm to wake me up, because buddy across from me has been snoring louder than I ever thought humanly possible. All night. I had fallen asleep before Sev got in, but when I went to bed there was definitely a blanket there for him. When I wake up I see snores McGee is wearing a blanket and Sev is not. Thief!!!

Iceland: Back to Reykjavik 

Our airport hotel has a shit breakfast. From 4:30-6:30 they do “cold” breakfast, and then the “hot” breakfast follows. We need to leave by 6am, so we are only going to make it for the cold food. It’s just bread, meat, and cheese. And they’re out of cheese. Wouldn’t kill them to turn on a toaster. They don’t have cream for coffee. Fruit/yogurt apparently doesn’t count as cold food. We’re not super stoked, but what can you do?

Iceland: Borgarnes and Blue Lagoon

It’s 4am and my body is like, nah man. No more sleep. I made the mistake of taking an accidental nap on the plane while watching The Revenant yesterday, which I didn’t get to finish, for the record. Everyone else is still sound asleep but I can’t do it.