Vietnam: Early Morning Hanoi and Banh Xeo

We arrive back in Hanoi at 6am. I remember our travel agent saying that we would be dropped off in the Old Quarter but it’s impossible to tell if that’s where we are because everything is closed!
We’re followed by people asking us if we want motorbikes or taxis to our hotel but the fact of the matter is, we don’t have a hotel. Or a hostel, or a guesthouse or anything. We were kinda hoping we wouldn’t need one.

Vietnam: Cinnamon Tea in Sapa

We wake up quite late considering how early we went to sleep. Sleeping at 7:30 made me think I’d be up and about by 4am but no, I sleep for almost 12 hours. I guess I needed it!

Vietnam: Trekking to a Hill Tribe in Sapa

We pack our day packs with an extra pair of clothes, and make sure to layer up because Sapa is famous for having 4 seasons in one day. It’s a cold morning with clouds hovering over head, threatening rain. All I can do is hope it doesn’t get too slippery on the trails, because all I’ve got is a pair of running shoes.

Vietnam: Sapa

I wake up briefly in the middle of the night. Did our driver just stall the bus? Yes. He most certainly did. Now it sounds like he’s having trouble getting it started again. It’s 3am and we’re in what seems like the middle of no where…please don’t break down.

Vietnam: Pineapple Ladies and Sleeper Buses

I wake up for the first time on my trip, confused about where I am. I suppose I was dreaming of home, because when I wake up I have to remind myself that I’m in Vietnam. What a nice surprise!

Vietnam: Tamara Arrives!!

Tamara arrives in Hanoi safely! Wahoo! It’s been three whole years since I’ve seen her! Crazy. I meet her at 10:30am outside my spider hostel and we go to find a new place.
Some backpackers I met last night told me about another hostel just like 50 metres down the street from this one, but when we stop in to ask for a room we find all their dorm beds are full. We keep searching.

Vietnam: Giant Demon Spiders

A friend I met 5 years ago (why am I so old?) lives in Switzerland, so I haven’t seen her in a long time! As fate would have it, she has planned a South East Asian backpacking trip that lines up with my trip to Vietnam and Cambodia, so obviously we’re meeting up! She’s been stuck in Bangkok for a few days working out her Vietnamese Visa, but is expecting to arrive in Hanoi tomorrow.

Vietnam: Speaking English in Hanoi

I was not a happy camper this morning when I woke up to someone else’s abandoned alarm clock. It was ringing for a solid 5 minutes before they came back from wherever they were to turn it off. I’ll kill you.

Vietnam Visas: Heed my Warning

It’s funny to think about how awful I felt when I first arrived in Seoul, it just seems so silly now. Instead, I’m wishing I didn’t have to leave so soon because there’s so much more to do in South Korea! I plan to come back one day with more time…and more money.