Vietnam: Nha Trang Booze Cruise

8:30am is when we are to be at the travel agency where we booked Nha Trang’s popular booze cruise. Some friends of mine whom I met traveling in Thailand last year suggested this to me, and for $10 all inclusive boat, most booze, snorkelling, and entertainment, I figure it sounds like a pretty good time!

Vietnam: Beaches and Mud Baths

Tamara wakes me when we’ve arrived in Nha Trang. I don’t know how it’s possible but I always sleep like a rock on these buses! Everyone gets off, and I go get the driver to let him know we’ve lost the iPod touch in the abyss below our chairs. He gets a stick and tries to reach underneath, but can’t find anything. We know it’s down there, we saw it last night.

Vietnam: My Son Temple Ruins

We are up and ready to go by 7:30am. This is when our tour group is supposed to pick us up. I know things usually run late here, but when 8:00 rolls around and there’s still no bus I’m a little confused. I could have sworn he said that they’d pick us up here…but maybe we were supposed to go back to the booking office?

Vietnam: Hoi An Beaches and Ancient Town

We have to wake up early in order to catch a bus to Hoi An at 8am. We eat a quick breakfast downstairs with lots of time to spare, but somehow paying for everything takes well over 10 minutes. Granted, we’re paying for the room, the bicycles, and our meals, but the problem lies within the staffs ability to find change.

Vietnam: Bicycles, Tomb Weddings, and Free Beer

We get up and go downstairs for a quick breakfast at the hostel. We have the same singing waiter as yesterday, and he’s really excited to see us. Tamara orders a different soup than what I ordered yesterday, but gets the same soup anyway.

Vietnam: Hue

I wake up to someone shaking my shoulder. If you’ve ever met me, or tried to wake me up from sleep, you’ll know the death stare that automatically washes over my face as I open my eyes to see a staff member standing over me. He’s balanced himself between two bunks and is hovering over one of the random aisle passengers. I’m almost certain that he used his foot to shake me awake.
Once my eyes open he just stares at me for a few seconds and finally says “where you go?”

Vietnam: Cat Ba Island

I wake up to the annoying sound of an early alarm clock in our little boat room. Breakfast is in 15 minutes and I’m sure it’ll be just as mediocre as all of our other meals on the tour thus far. I have a quick shower, change and head out to the dining room of the boat. I don’t know what our itinerary for the rest of the day is, but I hope it’s something fun and not too crowded with tourists. It looks like another nice day, no rain! This weather thing has been a miracle.

Vietnam: Ha Long Bay

Our minibus comes to pick us up from our guesthouse at 8am. I’m SO happy that we are some of the first on the bus, because with every stop another 2 or 3 people get on. The last stop a family of SIX board the bus and have to sit on fold out chairs. There’s easily 20 on this minibus that probably should hold a max of 12.