Thailand: Monkey Bites and Motor Bikes

My day got off to a good start. I roll out of bed at my leisure and get ready to eat some breakfast. Two of the girls are gone when I wake up so it’s just me and Cara. We walk up to the reception area of the place we’re staying in, to find out if they have rooms available for Ilona and Carrie when they arrive in Koh Lanta this afternoon. (In case you were wondering, I’ve given up on trying to leave out names to avoid confusion. Pretend you know them.)

Thailand: On To Koh Lanta

I am over Koh Phi Phi. I have no desire to stay on this party island for even one more night. Nothing is different, there is a limited amount of things to do besides drinking, and I don’t enjoy the main beach. I have to walk out for 5 minutes just to get into deep enough water to tread, the ground turns from muddy to rocky the further you walk. Not to mention that the water by the shore is boiling hot due to the fact that it’s so shallow.

Thailand: Maya Beach (The Beach, Beach)

When I wake up and shower its nearly 11am, but I’m not the only one who’s sluggish today, so we all have a late breakfast. I’ve given up my hunt for breakfast sausage (for now) and order a ham and cheese croissant instead, which is good, and comes with a cute little French flag tooth picked into it. Adorable!

Thailand: Koh Phi Phi

My skin is layered in salt and sand, and I wonder if by the end of this month it will be permanent. That wouldn’t be such a bad thing, but I do get sick of having to empty out my purse every day to rid it off the tiny bits of sand that somehow creep in and pile up in each nook and pocket.

Thailand: Beach Sunsets and Glowing Sea

Today we are supposed to be rock climbing, as Krabi is one of the best places in the world to do it. Unfortunately, halfway through the morning just before we go to get ready to rock climb, the rain starts pouring down. We post-pone until tomorrow and spend a lot of the day just Skyping friends from home and relaxing indoors.

Thailand: Relaxing in Railay

We get up and go downstairs for breakfast. When I say downstairs I mean actually downstairs, because our guesthouse is located on a hill about 100 meters straight up from the main road. There’s a long wooden stair case that leads up to a very uneven set of brick stairs to get to the top, which was hell when I had to carry my backpack up the first time we arrived, but now I just look at it as good exercise. I am in the islands after all, and will be in a bikini A LOT so I might as well take advantage of it.

Thailand: Bring On the Beach

Today is my one-month-away-from-home-aversary! One month ago today I was standing in Pearson International Airport, getting ready to board a flight to India. It feels like forever ago, and I seriously can’t believe it’s only been a month, but most importantly, I’m elated that I still have another 11 months to go!

Thailand: Back to Bangkok and onto the Islands

My alarm goes off at 5:00, 5:05, 5:10, 5:14, and 5:15 before I finally wake up enough to roll out of bed. Why did I go out past 7pm last night?

Laos: Vientiane

I wake up quite late into the morning and find some people to get breakfast with. Today, I order a fruit cup and some breakfast sausage which is actually just a hot dog. When will I learn?

Laos: Kayaking to Vientiane

After today, everyone in our group is splitting up and we’re all moving on to different places in the world. However, we all still need to get south to Vientiane, (capital city of Laos) to connect to our next destinations, so we decide to try and stick together a little longer. There are busses and vans available for very cheap that can get you there in 3 hours, which is a piece of cake. Originally that was our plan, to just take a simple bus in the morning to arrive there by early afternoon, but then I hear one of the boys talking about kayaking to the city, which I think sounds awesome. I put it out of my mind because I know that kayaking the distance of a 3 hour car ride could be pretty intense and I would maybe die.