Thailand: “Mom Guesthouse”

I wake up to someone rapping outside my door. And not like, rapping along to some Jay Z or something that’s already been produced, but just free stylin’ without any music.

Thailand: Wandering Khaosan

We wake up and check out of the hotel. Ilona is leaving to Australia this evening and I cannot afford to stay in a double room all alone, so I’m going to go try find a hostel. First, breakfast. Carrie joins us, and as per usual we go to our regular Khosan breakfast spot. It’s just so good. Chancing breakfast is the worst. You don’t want to start your day with a crappy meal, ever.

Thailand: Out in Bangkok

I’m leaving for Australia in a few short days, where my parents will be meeting me to visit over Christmas. I need to buy presents, STAT. I have been trying to pick things up for them along the way, but honestly the thought of carrying anything around in my backpack that I don’t need to, wins out most of the time.

Thailand: Farewell, Islands

I sleep so soundly on the boat, that I only wake up when a Thai woman wakes me to inform me that my alarm has been going off for the last 5 minutes. Somehow in my sleep my headphones have come loose from my phone, and the alarm is playing over the external speakers.

Thailand: Happy Birthday Ilona!

Wooo! Ilona’s birthday begins at midnight so we wait until the clock strikes 12 to sing happy birthday before falling asleep.

Thailand: Full Moon Party

My day consists of various preparations for the evening. We go into town to get breakfast, and afterwards walk down the street to shop. We need full moon tank tops, glitter, and a pedicure. Ilona and I choose a random nail salon on the street to get our nails done which only cost 150 baht (4ish dollars). All they do is soak my feet in cold water and paint my toes, there is no scrubbing or filing or much else at all. For 4 dollars I don’t care, but my feet still look atrocious.

Thailand: Jungle Party

The rain has hit Koh Phangan at the absolute worst time. Since we arrived last night it’s been wet and rainy, but today in particular it’s absolutely pouring. I wake up thinking Ilona is in the shower because the rain is so loud outside our window.

Thailand: To Koh Phangan?

We’re all nervous to find out what will happen with Matcha Tours today. Will we get to Koh Phangan? Or will we be stuck in Krabi for another day. or 5. Forever? Who knows? We go get a quick breakfast where I FINALLY find a decent breakfast sausage!!

Thailand: We Hate Matcha Tours.

We wake up early enough to pack up our things and check out before the bus is due to pick us up at 11:30am. We are finally on our way to Koh Phangan for the Full Moon Party! Woot woot! We have a full day of traveling ahead of us first though, where we will be on long bus rides and overnight sleeper boats.

Thailand: Motorbike Scrapes and Bruises

This morning we have planned to go out to the Emerald Cave, where you can swim to a lagoon through a dark cave. It sounds so cool and I can’t wait to go so we eat a quick breakfast and get on our motorbikes. Ilona and Carrie stay behind but plan to go out later in the day to possibly meet us at the cave. AJ doesn’t feel comfortable driving so she hops on the back with one of the boys and I drive the motorbike alone. How hard can it be?