Japan: Mountain Trek Day 2

I wake up from a deep sleep to the sound of my alarm at 5:37. It’s been ringing for 7 minutes without my noticing. I’m so comfy and warm! I don’t wanna get up, and although I have the choice to sleep for another hour, I know It’ll be worth my while to wake up.

Japan: Mountain Trek Day 1

Our hotel room is far too hot when I wake up. I take a luke warm shower and am basically sweating even after that. We have a big window at one end of the room that opens on a swivel system, so I unlock it and push it open. No alarm goes off or anything, so I think we’re okay.

Japan: Osaka Arcade

Guys, I had a breakfast sausage!!! A real breakfast sausage! Bless you Swisshotel and your legitimate American food. Your pancakes with “maple flavoured syrup”, however, were not quite as wonderful. No matter…A real breakfast sausage!

Japan: Bamboo Forest

We pack our bags in preparation to leave Kyoto and move onto Osaka. I can’t wait to get rid of my hiking boots and other gear after the trek, because right now my bag is packed pretty full.

Japan: Cherry Blossom Season

Another day, another mediocre breakfast.
We take a cab to Ryoanji, a temple with a beautiful Japanese rock garden, where Angela is waiting for us. We are lucky to get there early enough to avoid the huge crowds that gather at the historic site. Multiple tour busses full of people come through this temple daily.

Japan: Sightseeing in Kyoto

Our hotel room is the bomb. I fell asleep while writing last night and gave up on actually trying to describe it. It’s probably four times the size of our room in Tokyo. There is a front section equipped with a closet and shelving unit, a bathroom with two smaller separate spaces for the toilet and for the shower/bath.

Japan: A Day in Nara

I wake up at 1:30am. This is not good. I don’t usually struggle so much with jet lag, but today it’s getting the best of me. I can’t get back to sleep so I waste time taking an awesome shower in our awesome bathroom. I would basically just like to duplicate this entire restroom in my permanent home. Though, I think I can do without all the bidet buttons and stuff for the toilet. That ain’t me. Bring on the heated seat, though.

Japan: Narita

We arrive at Tokyo Narita airport feeling tired and stiff after 14 hours of minimal movement. We breeze through customs and pick up our baggage in what might be the cleanest airport I’ve ever been to. There are individual baby changing tables in every women’s washroom stall, equipped with it’s own washing station and everything. Fancy!

Japan: Finally Here

The day is finally here! I feel like I’ve been waiting for this day forever. Since returning home from my last trip in September, I’ve been planning to get away again. At first I thought I’d leave for Asia in December, which somehow became February, which then turned to March.