About Me

Hey! I’m Naomi.
I believe in trying everything once, and making those hard earned travel dollars take you as far as they possibly can.

I’ve slept in hammocks and trekked through the jungle in North Eastern Cambodia, sand-boarded down a volcano in Nicaragua, eaten a raw jellyfish in the Philippines, and watched as men jumped from a makeshift wooden tower with nothing but vines tied to their ankles in Vanuatu.

I lived in New Zealand on a Working Holiday Visa, and landed a job working in communications for the Auckland Rail Network. Before that, I volunteered with refugees in Greece, and taught English in Barcelona.

I picked up a Kiwi somewhere along the way in New Zealand, and brought him home with me to Canada before backpacking in South America together.

I adore new experiences and am determined to fill my life with as many different adventures in as many different places as possible… and then share those experiences and what I’ve learned with my readers!

Run away with me.

Here I am in Iceland, taking a dip in the Blue Lagoon!

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