Canada: Jasper and Mt. Robson

We’ve made it to the mountains! Stopped in Jasper for one night to catch up with one of my friends, and take in some of the stunning views. When we came through last year I promised Chesney bears, moose, goats, elk, and all the other Rocky Mountain regulars. But we saw nothing – like literally nothing. I think we saw one goat or something.

So far, we still haven’t seen any moose or bears, but we did catch a couple elk and some mountain goats. Not bad for our first day! Apparently there were some elk wandering around our campground before we got there, but they didn’t stick around to say hello to us. Kinda rude but k.

Jasper was our last stop in Alberta before spending a short amount of time “off-grid” in Mt. Robson Provincial Park, just over the border into BC. I say off-grid, but I really just mean without cell reception or wi-fi.

It turns out we’re actually not technically allowed to stay at this campground. After booking online I had to call because they charged me twice, and there was an automated message about how the provincial park is currently only open to BC residents. This came after we’d gotten to our campsite with absolutely no issues checking in, so we’re hoping for the best. I’m not trying to break any rules or be a dick, but there are lots of open spots so I don’t think we’re stealing anything away from the British Columbians. And we’re in no proximity to anyone else to accidentally spread any COVID even if we had it.

The elusive Purolator package has been re-routed to my friend Ana’s house back in Jasper. We can’t contact her to see if it’s in yet because, ya know, no reception. So we have to backtrack tomorrow and hope it has actually come in on time!

But first, some R&R. We’re camping at the foot of the mountains, along the Robson River.

This was where we had our breakfast tea and coffee.

Mt. Robson is the tallest point in the Canadian Rockies and the weather has taken a bit of a turn so today its snowy cap is shrouded in a mystical fog. The Berg Lake trail is 70km up and takes two days to cover, but we don’t have that kinda time – or any camping equipment. So we’re doing a casual 3 hour stroll up to Kinney Lake, along part of the larger trail.

The lake and river are glacial fed and have a high concentration of rock flour, making the water look vibrant blue all the time! What an absolute dream.

And, due to a combo of COVID, the less-than ideal weather, and the fact that Mt. Robson is just generally not as much of a tourist hot spot as other parts of the Rockies… there are basically no other tourists around. My favourite kind!

We do get caught in the rain on our way back though. Just before we’re about to leave and head back it starts sprinkling, there’s a brief downpour, and then we can’t tell if the tree canopy is shaking water off, or if it’s still raining. It’s just wet.

The drive back to Jasper is only an hour each way so it’s not a huge deal. The biggest downside is that we have to pay the $20/day fee to enter the park! We try to explain to the lady at the gate that we’re just going in for an hour or two… but no luck. We’re almost in town when our cell service kicks back in… and I see a bunch of missed calls, emails, and texts. Ana still hasn’t received the package, my cousin says SHE has it, and it seems Purolator has somehow, inexplicably, delivered it to my family in Edmonton. How could they completely ignore the request to send it to a different town? Why did it take two days to get from Edmonton to… Edmonton? I am stunned.

I’m ready to give up and just see the package when we get home. But apparently there are some VERY important additional, secret contents so my uncle sends it on to our next job site. It’ll stay at a holding centre there and I’ll be, hopefully, able to go pick it up when we arrive. But I’m not holding my breath.

The saga continues!

Thanks so much to everyone who’s shouted me a tea so far. I appreciate you.

2 thoughts on “Canada: Jasper and Mt. Robson

  1. Stunning photos! That looks like an area worth some time so I’ve added it to my list. Your Purolator adventures are certainly frustrating for you, but I have to admit they are entertaining to me (sorry!). If the package keeps travelling it could just get bigger and bigger. What fun!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yeah Mt Robson doesn’t get enough hype! I am both frustrated and entertained by the Purolator fiasco. Mostly impressed with how dedicated they are to making it as challenging as possible.


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