Canada: Couriers to Edmonton

So that bottle of acetone that spilled everywhere? We had a replacement sent to my aunt and uncle in Edmonton via FedEx. Only… when I got the “delivered” e-mail, it seems that wasn’t the whole truth. The package was nowhere to be found.

My uncle checked the address and was home all day – everything seemed legit. But no delivery came. So I spent much of one afternoon on the phone with customer service trying to figure out what happened.

It’s been a few days and no one has bothered getting back to me, but fortunately my uncle did a little investigating and found the package outside of his neighbour’s houses.

So when it came time for Dad to send us package with Chesney’s official Ontario driver’s license and some other bits and bobs, he made a point of using Purolator. He even paid for the express overnight shipping to make sure it got to Edmonton on time for our quick 18 hour visit with the fam.

Well, of course nothing could be so simple. On Friday afternoon, Purolator called to say the package wasn’t delivered “due to the unit number” and they dropped it off at a holding office somewhere in the city. These places are almost always out in the middle of absolutely nowhere. And because it was addressed to my cousin, she’s the only person who can pick it up. She has to make it before 3pm on Saturday because the office is closed on Sundays, and fortunately for me, she’s actually willing and able to do that.

So after completing our Saturday morning job site, we’ve started the 6 hour drive up to Edmonton, hoping to make it in time for dinner.

I get a call from my cousin who’s at the package holding centre. The tracking number I gave her isn’t showing up, her name isn’t in the system, there’s nothing for her there. They’re convinced there’s no package. After a little system searching they eventually track it down. But is it in the back room??? Ha! Of course not – it’s across town at the other centre, which is closed. Cool cool cool coo coo cool cool c-cool cool. This makes no sense because she is standing at the address they e-mailed to me. The one I very carefully copied and pasted to my cousin. I am perplexed.

You’d think that maybe if there was an issue with the address, especially after someone has organized for priority next-day shipping, it would be appropriate to make a quick phone call, or at the very least bring it to a holding station that’s open. But nah. Why did both FedEx and Purolator struggle? I’ve been to their house, and it’s not like it’s hidden or anything. Apparently on the phone to my dad, they blamed COVID. Lol.

We’re already planning to drive through Jasper National Park, and I happen to have a friend out that way. So the package can be re-routed to her but… omg.

Anyway, the true reason we’re in Edmonton is to see some of my favourite people. Our visit happened to fall on my aunt’s birthday which worked out incredibly well. And it also means it’s the perfect time for frikadeller, our family’s favourite quintessential Danish dish (not gonna lie, basically meatballs).

Photo borrowed from Love That Bite

Chesney and I barely make it in time for dinner, and during the original planning phase it seemed like a fun idea to have everyone over to our campsite. It’s easier to social distance, we don’t have to worry about parking the trailer somewhere busy, we get to play host and show off our fun new trailer lifestyle, and it’s a more direct route for us after a long drive.

We roll up with about fifteen minutes to spare, and are still setting up when everyone comes over. The campsite itself is nothing special, but it’s on the side of a highway so I’m not sure what we were expecting. It serves its purpose as being a one-night stop over, but it’s not exactly an idyllic location for us to play host. Not that I think my family will care, it’s just not what I envisioned. My aunt even brings s’mores ingredients… aaaaand we discover we have no fire pit. That’s definitely at the top of the list of things I didn’t think I needed to ask about when booking a campsite. Electric? Water? Sure. But a fire pit? We have not encountered that yet.

Not that I’m complaining about marshmallows in any form. I’ll eat them uncooked, don’t worry. We’re spoiled with a home-cooked meal, and all the leftover food and wine to boot. I know it’s my aunt’s birthday but… it feels like mine.

One of the big pros of this place was that we were able to add an extra camping unit to our spot for no extra cost. Which meant Krista could bring a tent and camp with us for the night. But omg this weather.

It’s extremely windy, and as the sun goes down it just keeps on getting colder. Keeping our plates and cups on the table is a true struggle, and I wish we could bring everyone inside but even without COVID dictating social distance, it’s too crammed for five people. It’s another good test of the trailer’s structural integrity. There’s a warning label about setting it up/tearing down in high winds, so it’s survived half the battle so far. Fingers crossed!

I leave the door unlocked for Krista to let herself in at any point in the night. Where it’s cozy and sheltered, where she has a “couch”-like thing to sleep on, where we have the heating on. But that crazy girl spends the whole night getting smacked in the face with the walls of her tent instead. Not because she’s afraid of being near me, but because she loves her tent and any excuse to use it.

Fully forgot to get a pic with the whole fam, we were too busy freezing

Insane, but I love her.

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