Canada: Temporary Interior Trailer Design

One thing we’ve noticed, is that every. single. trailer. in the world (okay, in Ontario so far), has the exact same colour scheme and exterior print – including ours. It doesn’t matter which company made it, it will either be white or beige, and it will have this random swatch shape printed all over the outside. If anyone can tell me why this is a thing, I’d love to know. I don’t hate it (I don’t love it either), but it seems like such a random ‘design’ for every single RV company to have picked up. Imagine seeing this and thinking “wow this is the height of trailer fashion we must continue to use it at all costs”. 

I would be keen on painting the outside of ours, or adding wooden panels to make it look like a little cabin… but apparently that lowers the value. So if/when we go to resell it, looking like an adorable cozy cottage won’t do. This makes no sense to me, but I guess people need to see the beloved signature trailer swatch to rest assured that it is in fact, a real trailer?

As soon as we picked it up I knew I wanted to do what I could to maximize the cuteness level. It’s already pretty sweet, but the interior was a little depressing. I’m not a fan of beige at the best of times, and the brown leaf printed cushions and curtains are not for me (I’m not sure they’re for anyone). So we got a little creative making what temporary changes we could. Most of the improvements came from the dollar store, so all things considered I think we did pretty well.

The bedding came from home – so that was one major improvement we could easily make. We had to measure the size of the gap between the two beds and get a piece of plywood that would bridge the gap. The downside is that it blocks the night table with a couple drawers, but the trade off wasn’t so bad. When we slid the mattresses to one side, we had an automatic (and bigger!) side table made from the extra space where the bed usually was.

Chesney wasn’t as obsessed about the decorating as I was. But he was an integral part of making it happen because I knew what I wanted, but realized I didn’t really know how to do much of it. I didn’t know how to apply the white marble vinyl sheet to the counter tops, so he helped. It would have been extremely full of bubbles if I’d done it my way – but now it looks slick af.

He was unfazed by the floral theme that I unintentionally planned (it’s the easiest way to brighten it up!). He even helped choose and decide on the placement of the flower decals. And we went shopping for our little Canada poster together.

He didn’t even roll his eyes when I insisted on painting the lids of the mini jam jars that would become our spice rack. Even though those didn’t exactly turn out perfectly. Still cute tho.

Is it comparable to the incredible transformations done by people that completely gut the inside of a van or school bus and make them unrecognizable and more inviting than a normal home? No. But I love it anyway. Some people do wild stuff to their home-on-wheels.

If we’d had more time I would have covered up the brown leaf pattern cushions – arguably the worst part. But you can’t have it all, I guess.

The people who design trailers are so interesting to me. Because the extreme amount of thought, architecture, and condensing all the necessities into one little space is mind blowing. But then there’s the swatches and the leaf print. Like, are you good at design or not? Make up your minds. But no matter, we’re in love with our little trailer. And decorating has been half the fun!

It’s only been a week and it’s already starting to feel like home 🙂

Moments before a thunder storm hit

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