Canada: Lakeside Camping and Hiking in Pukaskwa

Compared to our last two campsites, this one is a dream. So far we’ve stayed in a brewery parking lot, a giant field, and another giant field with a few more trees than the previous giant field.

KOA sites (Kampgrounds Of America, clearly not interested in teaching children how to spell) are all across the US and Canada, and so far there’s been nothing inherently wrong with them. But they really are just big parking lots with a bit of grass (at least the two we’ve seen so far). You get sandwiched in with other trailers on all sides so the illusion of “camping” is lost for me. They have fun amenities like pools, bicycles, and playgrounds, which is great if you have kids but for our purpose they’re arbitrary.

SO when we rolled up to our independently-owned campground in Marathon, Ontario, we were stoked. Firstly, there was no checkin process. You pick a site online, pay for it, and boom, it’s yours. Since we were staying at Penn Lake, we opted for the “lakeside” choice – and we were not disappointed. We have a healthy amount of greenery separating us from our neighbours on both sides, and it’s just a few steps through the tree line to the lake.

What’s even better, is that we’re sticking around here for two nights instead of just one, so it gives us an opportunity to go for a hike!

We drive (without the trailer in tow, I feel so free!) to Pukaskwa National Park. There’s an eight hour hike, or a few shorter trails. We opt for the shorter trails because Chesney is very excited about using his new Dutch oven to cook tonight, and using it requires a lot of time.

The walk along Lake Superior is stunning – rocky cliffs, beaches covered in washed up driftwood, canopy shaded trails. And some pretty epic view points! Chesney always says how weird it is for him to wrap his head around lakes being this big. Growing up by the ocean, the only time you ever see the sea meet the sky is when it’s just that – the sea. I think I take for granted how cool it is to live where some of the world’s biggest lakes are. I mean, we’re walking along the world’s biggest lake right now!

We hit the grocery store on our way home and it feels like it’s Christmas for Chesney. He’s decided on “low and slow pulled pork tacos” and I am not complaining. He loves a good slow cooked meal.

While he’s cooking a neighbour peeks his head through the trees to say hello. He wants to know if our adorable little A-frame trailer has a bathroom in there. Sure does, bud! If you read my last post, you know.

I didn’t realize our trailer was so unique. We fell in love with it instantly, but I wasn’t expecting people in the trailer universe to care. But so far we’ve received a compliment at every campsite we’ve been to. Now I’m taking note and I’m going to see how many we can go to before someone forgets to tell us how much they love it. It really has everything we could possibly need and more. But I think it’s the unique shape that gets all the attention. It was the first and only trailer we looked at – who knew we’d be so lucky?!

The low and slow turns out fantastically. It’s Chesney’s first of many Dutch oven meals to come, I’m sure. Just look at how delicious this looks! I’m spoiled af.

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