20+ Beautiful and Unique Airbnbs Under $100 per Night

You’ve heard of the private islands and entire castles up for rent on Airbnb, but they’re probably a little out of your price range (same). However, there are some hidden gems that are just as cool and can be rented for less than $100 per night!

All prices are listed in $USD and don’t include varying cleaning or service fees. I’m not connected to any of these properties and don’t gain anything from you staying there – I just think they look sweet!

However, that being said, if you’ve never used Airbnb before, use this link to sign up and you’ll get an extra $41 off your first booking anywhere in the world (and I’ll get money towards my next booking too).


Italy: Ostuni, Brindisi

4-7 night minimum depending on when you book

Up to 4 guests

Stay in a traditional trullo – the signature stone building of Italy’s Puglia region. Designed almost to look a little bit like a beehive, these limestone houses have been around since the 14th century and are designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Highlights: walking distance to beaches, unique architecture, beautiful views.

Italy: Ragusa, Sicilia

No minimum stay
Up to 5 guests

If you’ve ever wondered what it feels like to sleep in a very fancy cave, this is for you. The minimalist furniture and all-glass everything (including bathroom door) are a fun contrast to the otherwise rustic vibes.

Highlights: balcony, hot tub, walkable from central Ragusa.

Spain: Seville, Andalusia

no minimum stay
Up to 2 guests

One of the best things about Europe is all the old romantic buildings. This 500 year old apartment features exposed brick and guests are raving about the location and charm!

Highlights: a hanging bed, courtyard, and historic building.

United Kingdom: Cumbria, England

no minimum stay
Up to 2 guests

This cozy, Scandinavian-style cabin is unusual to say the least. Who would have thought to put an open flame barbecue in the middle of the room? Not me. But it works!

Highlights: unique living space, an indoor barbecue literally at the foot of your bed, and they accept dogs! One significant downside is that there’s no shower.


Indonesia: Kecamatan Kuta Utara, Bali

14 night minimum (but 5% long stay discount applied).
Up to 3 guests

A luxurious gem at a backpacker’s price. If you booked this with 2 of your friends it evens out to about $10/night! Of course, with a 14 night minimum it’s a pretty significant commitment. But if you’re looking to treat yourself and relax after a long journey there’s no better place to be!

Highlights: king-sized bed, local art, walking distance to beach, shops and restaurants.

Indonesia: Kuta, Bali

7 night minimum
Up to 4 guests

Roll out of bed and take a few short steps before diving into the refreshing pool outside your bedroom door. Kuta is known as a party destination in Indonesia, but this little Airbnb is a quiet escape away from all the resorts.

Highlights: that pool! Walking distance to Seminyak for shops, bars, restaurants.

Indonesia: Kuta Utara, Bali

No minimum stay
Up to 2 guests

Just look at this place! These traditional homes are unique to Sumatra and are designed to keep tigers away and food lifted off the ground. This eco-retreat is part of a larger property that had a shared pool if you feel like cooling off and socializing.

Highlights: cultural living space, included healthy breakfast, yoga studio.

The Philippines: Abra de Ilog, Mimaropa

2 night minimum stay
Up to 2 guests

Stay on a relaxing hillside overlooking the ocean, and take a dip in your private pool to cool off. It’s a truly rural experience and power outages are not uncommon in this area, so you can’t always rely on the wi-fi or air conditioning. A great escape from city life if you’re looking to relax!

Highlights: pool overlooking the ocean, outdoor waterfall shower head, 15 minute walk through the jungle to access the beach.

Malaysia: Jelutong, Penang

no minimum stay
Up to 7 guests

Enjoy a panoramic view of the harbour in a two story apartment. It’s a steal if you split it with six other people!

Highlights: pool, gym (ha! like you’re using the gym on vacation), and walking distance to busy food markets.

Central & South America

Brazil: Brumadinho, Minas Gerais

no minimum stay
Up to 2 guests

Sleep beneath the stars in a luxury tipi. The perfect romantic getaway or place to relax and unwind for a couple days. It’s not every day you can wake up to a view like this one!

Highlights: mountain views, clear siding so you can fall asleep under the stars, and a unique sleeping space.

Brazil: Ilhabela, São Paulo

2-7 night minimum depending on when you book
Up to 4 guests

Located about 220km outside the city of São Paulo, this quiet escape is the perfect place to relax with an incredible view. Just look at that water! If you’re into sailing, diving, or hiking, you’re in the right place. And if lounging in the sand is more your speed, it’s just a mere 130 steps down to the beach below!

Highlights: wooden “ofuro” pool overlooking the ocean, hammock, rural location but with a few restaurants nearby.

Colombia: Sodó, Cundinamarca

no minimum stay
Up to 2 guests

North of Bogota, this cozy little cabin overlooks the hills and the town of Guatavita. I can’t imagine a better place to enjoy breakfast! Previous guests have commented about the host’s cute cats and dogs around the property so that’s a selling feature if you’re anything like me.

Highlights: big windows with epic views, charming cabin, hosts double as great chefs.

Colombia: Armenia, Quindio

2 night minimum stay
Up to 2 guests

This is technically a farm-stay but “farm” isn’t really the first word that comes to mind when you look at this beautiful property! Stay in a unique, romantic tree-house-like bungalow in the middle of Colombian coffee country.

Highlights: bamboo cabana, included home-cooked breakfast, outdoor shower, king sized bed.

Nicaragua: Isla de Ometepe

No minimum stay
Up to 2 guests

Looking for an off-grid experience? This is your place! This eco-dome is the perfect farm stay with panoramic volcano views. 10 minute walk to town or to the volcano’s hiking trail.

Highlights: outdoor shower, eco-friendly accom, book swap library, and, obviously, volcanoes!


New Zealand: Motueka Valley, Tasman

No minimum stay

Up to 3 guests

Cozy up in this adorable, eco-friendly modern yurt with views of the Motueka Valley and the Tasman Bay. And if you’re a bird watcher, this spot is surrounded by some of New Zealand’s coolest bird species.

Highlights: skylight for star gazing, outdoor bath, unique living space, and stunning views all around.

Australia: Melbourne, Victoria

No minimum stay
Up to 2 guests

Did you have to do a double take for this one? Because same. But it’s real! Well, kinda. Nestled right into Melbourne’s city centre is this magical forest-themed apartment, complete with heavenly bedroom. Strange? Yes. But that’s why I like it.

Highlights: weird, central, and cozy. Makes for some great Insta pics.

Australia: Main Arm, New South Wales

No minimum stay
Up to 2 guests

Okay okay so this one isn’t technically under $100, but it’s so close and so cool that I had to include it anyway. This cozy escape is accessed by a fairy-light covered bridge in a rainforest. Wow! If you were looking for the perfect romantic escape, you’ve found it.

Highlights: rainforest location, wood fire heater, and a wicker swing chair hanging over the river.

Fiji: Navosa, Western Division

No minimum stay
Up to 4 guests

This place has the perfect location right along the beach, as well as a swimming pool if you don’t feel like being in the ocean (though, if you’re in Fiji, I don’t see why you wouldn’t).

Highlights: epic location, private beach, king-sized beds.

Vanuatu: Lowanatom, Tanna

No minimum stay
Up to 4 guests

Stay in a tree-house overlooking a volcano! Mt. Yasur lights up every night, and is known as the most accessible volcano in the world. Accommodations are very basic, but are everything you need to enjoy the true Vanuatu.

Highlights: included breakfast, unique tree-house, and a fucking volcano.


South Africa: Tulbagh, Western Cape

2 night minimum stay
Up to 2 guests

This is a one-of-a-kind experience! Accommodations don’t get much more unique than this. You can take a dip in the lake out front, and help yourself to herbs and fruit if the surrounding gardens. A paradise!

Highlights: outdoor bathtub, unique living space, epic sunsets.

Egypt: Cairo

2 nights minimum stay
Up to 3 guests

Take in the beauty of the Great Pyramids from the comfort of your room… maybe even in the jacuzzi tub! The streets of Cairo can be overwhelming, and not many people have the opportunity to see the pyramids from such a vantage point.

Highlights: 5 minutes walk to the pyramids entrance gate, the view (obviously), and a cute jacuzzi in an unlikely part of the room.

Madagascar: Ile Sainte Marie

No minimum stay
Up to 2 guests

A cute bungalow all to yourself, a jacuzzi under the stars, and a swimming pool just steps from the beach – this bungalow is really like a little slice of heaven on earth!

Highlights: included breakfast, prime stargazing location, and private beach.

Here’s a map of the general location of each above entries.

Have you found any epic Airbnbs that you think should be added to the list? Let me know!

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