Boredom Busting Bingo – Airport Edition

The airport can be an exciting and yet painfully boring place. You’re excited to get on that plane, but first you have to arrive 3 hours early and sit in a plastic seat at your gate. Maybe you booked the flights with a 14 hour overnight layover to save a few bucks… and are regretting it as you complete your 10th sudoku, check your watch, and still have 12 hours to go.

We’ve all been there. That’s why I’ve created this Boredom Busting Bingo to keep your brain from melting.

  • No printing required
  • Play alone or vs. your mates
  • Doesn’t require unreliable airport wifi
  • Save the image to your camera roll and use markup to keep track of your score

What kind of things do you notice at an airport? Let me know if you have suggestions!

2 thoughts on “Boredom Busting Bingo – Airport Edition

  1. This is fantastic! And very usable. Off the top of my head I can only think about the person blithering very loudly about the x number of times they have been to x exotic location. Not sure how to fit that into a square, though … I’ll work on it!

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