Argentina: Frida & Antique Markets

We venture out to our local neighbourhood of Villa Crespo and into Palermo to find some lunch. A bright purple building with the immediately recognizable “Friends” logo, and a yellow New York taxi has drawn a swarm of people. The line is incredibly long, and reaches to the end of the block. It must be some kind of pop up bar and I assume it’s just opened or there wouldn’t be this many people. I love Friends but like, not line-up-for-hours type love. Upon rounding the corner, we find the line spans TWO whole blocks. We round the next corner, IT’S THREE. There’s probably 500 people waiting in line to sit on a mock Central Perk couch. I am in awe. Do people not work or go to school on Thursday afternoons?

For lunch we decide on choripan, a popular chorizo sausage sandwich. The chorizo is cut length wise and laid on bread with various sandwich toppings. They’re pretty hard to eat because the chorizo doesn’t stay in place, but they’re SO delish. I will admit we ate here the other day and I know it’s kind of ridiculous to be going back to the same restaurant in a new city full of thousands of restaurants but like…. they were so good.

We have to check out of our Air BnB on Sunday morning. I was half hoping we could extend our stay if all went well, but that was before I knew we were literally living in this girl’s house while she stays with her dad, so prob not. In the interest of saving money (we have no jobs in sight) and being social (we have no friends in sight), we think it’s best to go back to a hostel. Not the trash one we came from, but a real hostel. There’s a cute one in our area which makes it easy to tote all our stuff over. There’s no private room available for the first night so we book dorm beds, then a private room for the following 4 nights. Dorms are better for meeting people, but private rooms are better for letting the contents of your bags explode into every corner of the room and simultaneously keeping your stuff safe.

We continue to walk through Palermo Soho (there’s a few different Palermos – Soho, Hollywood, Viejo, maybe more. I don’t really know the difference yet) to find this epic mural. It was painted by three different artists in 2015, and is surely one of the most iconic pieces of street art in the city! Inside, it’s also a popular club at night.


Right down the street we stumble upon a massive antique market. If I ever am in a position to furnish an entire apartment in Buenos Aires, I know where to go. There’s tons of reupholstered pieces, old clothing, paintings, dusty chairs in need of some repair. It’s adorable.

Exploring the market

Back at home, we begin to kinda sorta look for jobs. Quite honestly, we still have no idea what we’re going to do. Stay? Go? The whole debacle with extreme ATM withdrawal fees and the inability to open a bank account is a little daunting. The city is cool but doesn’t seem as easy to set up in as other places I’ve lived. We’re still keen, but we’re entertaining other options. I’m also aware it’s probably a little different because we’re still in our own bubble – we haven’t met any other backpackers or expats, let alone locals who are able to provide some insight, so it’s easy to stay confused. We’re not married to Buenos Aires yet, so backpacking elsewhere, doing a WorkAway, or living in another city/country are still all on the table. We plan to figure it out in the next week or so. We kinda have to.

I’m trying to make the “digital nomad”/freelancer thing happen. I figure if other people can do it, so can I. I already spend hours on my phone writing this blog don’t I? I’ve already worked with social media remotely. I can do this. It’s just a matter of making it work, and I think now is the perfect time. Chesney is an experienced writer and keen to do the same, if he doesn’t find a job with a local brewery.

Putting this here cause I like it

After a few hours of dedicated profile creating, portfolio curating and job application writing, we call it quits and go for dinner. There’s a local craft bar, or, cervecería called “Fea!” which means ugly (for a woman specifically… Feo is an ugly man). Weird, so we gotta try it.

I get a dark lager and chicken bao sandwich, and Chesney gets a burger and an IPA, literally pronounced “ee-pah” in Spanish, which I love.


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