Greece: Donation Spending

I just want to say a huge thank you again to everyone who donated to this cause! Our organization, Refugia’l, managed to raise a total of 6,600€ for the residents, with 1,300€ of that coming directly from my friends, family, and generous acquaintances back home. An extra big thank you to the people at ECOH Inc., who together accounted for a significant portion of the funds raised. You’re all beautiful humans. 
Photographs were generally discouraged around the residence, especially if they included faces, so I didn’t get too many photos of people enjoying what our money brought, but I can assure you everyone was extremely excited and grateful.

The funds were distributed between 2 residences where we spent the majority of our time: the old school and the pregnant women’s house.

At the school, we put the money towards:
– Breakfast supplies for all 250 residents on various days.

– Afternoon snacks (usually fruit and juice) for children.

– School and activity supplies (notebooks, pens, pencils, chalk, math books etc.)

– Leggings for women to wear under their long tunics (in addition to the box of donations sent directly from Canada!)

– Bras and underwear.

– Soap, make up, henna, and hair dye.

– Arts and crafts supplies

– Games and activity supplies (a kiddie pool, water balloons, various sports equipment)

– A basketball net (that Joseba and I built from scratch!)

– Shelving to organize the winter donation room.

At the women’s residence we put the money towards: 
a new kitchen! Our volunteers worked hard to build up a new kitchen from scratch and provide food and group cooking activities for the families that live there.

We hope to take on more projects next year. I already can’t wait to go back!

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