Greece: Zakynthos to Kefalonia

I found arranging transport from Zakynthos to Kefalonia SO enraaaaging that I’ve decided to lay out the options as clearly as possible for you. Hopefully this saves you some time and keeps you semi-zen. We’re on the Greek islands! We should be chilllllin’ at all times!

Zakynthos has 2 ports that connect to Kefalonia:
1. In town – Zante (or Zakynthos) Port
2. North – Agios Nikolaos Port

Kefalonia has 2 ports that connect to Zakynthos:
1. South – Pesada
2. South East – Poros

*To get from Zakynthos to Kefalonia directly, your only option is to catch a ferry from the North.*

You can find the schedules for Ionian Pelago Lines here, as they change by season. They offer the direct boat from Zakynthos (Agios Nikolaos) to Kefalonia (Pesada).
(May to September 2017)
Zakynthos to Kefalonia – 9:45 or 19:45 daily.
Kefalonia to Zakynthos – 7:45 or 18:00 daily.
9€ per person
11€ per scooter/motorcycle
31€ per car
*20% discount on returns.

Agios to Pesada.png
The ferry only takes 1hr 20minutes – not 2hrs of walking across the Mediterranean like Google suggests.

Getting to the North of Zakynthos is a bit of a pain if you don’t have a car or scooter. You can get a taxi for about 40€ from Zante town, but there are no local busses as of now. There should be, but there aren’t.

If you do have your own transport, and plan to use it in Kefalonia (highly recommended, I’d argue necessary), you can bring it across with you on the ferry.
31€ per car, 11€ per scooter, (bicycles free), on top of the standard ticket price of  9€ per person. You get a 20% discount for booking return.
You can always wait until you get to Kefalonia first, and rent the scooter/car once you’re there.


Your other option, if you prefer to leave from Zante Port, is a connection in Kyllini, and arrival in Poros. Two major companies offer this option. This is why everything is so frustrating. Trying to line up two ferry times with the connection is just a headache, but if you insist. Geesh. Here.
You should also be rolling in money for this option. It’s far more expensive. Almost absurdly so.


Ignore the projected 3hrs 26mins. You’re not walking. It all depends on how long your layover is in Kyllini, really.


Ionian Lines
Zakynthos to Killini (check website for schedules)
8.90€ per person
8.20€ per scooter/motorcycle under 250cc – 12.80€ if above.
28.90€ per car
*20% discount on returns.

Killini to Kefalonia (Poros) (check website for schedules)
9.80€ per person
9.50€ per scooter under 250cc – 14€ if above.
38.70€ per car
*20% discount on returns.

As you can see, the connections in Kyllini get quite expensive because you literally have to pay twice. But maybe you really want to stop off there and see some stuff in Kyllini, or you simply enjoy wasting time and money. I’m not judging.
If you have lots of money and don’t enjoy wasting your time, you can probably just hire your own fancy boat and do whatever the hell you want! Why are you even reading this? Go board your yacht!

What I Did and What I Would Recommend:
Rented a car in Laganas. 30€ per day, to share with 3 other passengers. We didn’t mention the whole going to another island thing, because I read they may charge an extra 20€ per day. Up to you how risky you want to be. This place didn’t really ask any questions.
Drove to Agios Nikolaos, caught the 19:45 ferry across to Pesada, and drove to our accommodation in Poros (across the island, but about a 30 minute drive). We arrived around 22:00, and spent 24€ each after splitting the cost of car rental, car ferry fee, and individual ticket price.

my route
My route. Left the house at 18:30, arrived to the hotel around 22:00.


I’d love to know if you found this helpful!! I hope it was. If there’s anything you think I’ve left out, feel free to contact me and let me know. Happy Hopping!


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