Greece: White Party

Okay so. While I think this island is crazy and might as well belong to the UK, I’m here. So I might as well immerse myself and get into the nightlife, right?! DJ MK is playing tonight at some “white only” party (clothing, not people….maybe not the best name though, I know) and Abi got us tickets.
They’re usually like 50€, but because my host knows everyone on the island she got ’em for freeeeee. Baller status. How could I be rude and say no?  I think I’ve been a little spoiled by my first WorkAway. She’s really more like a friend than a host.

Drinks are going to be expensive once we’re inside so we do a little pre gaming and take our time getting down to the venue. By Barcelona standards (and even Toronto standards, really) this party is on EARLY. It ends at midnight. Apparently there are some regulations to protect the turtles, so beach parties have a time limit. I actually think that’s nice. Zakynthos has redeemed itself.

We call a cab and by the time we arrive, at 10:30, a sea of white-clad humans are heading out the door. I stop to ask someone if we’ve missed the DJ but apparently the cops had just come to shut it down. Is this a 16 year old’s house party? I don’t understand.

No on seems bothered that they’ve just spent 50€ for nothing?

Convinced we can use this mass exodus for a free drink, Abi leads us against the crowd and into the bar. She was correct. Bartender friends = free drinks. But even they can’t tell us why the cops came through. I don’t think there was a knife fight or anything.

When it’s really cleared out we head over to the main strip of bars and clubs where we find more of her bartender friends, and get more free drinks. She knows EVERYONE. I avoid anything with hard liquor, because apparently it’s common for places to fill brand name bottles with shitty homemade booze, and some guy went blind a little while ago. Yeah, no thanks. This island is cursed I swear. Last night someone got in a fatal car accident just down the road from where I’m staying. A drunk driver, who hit a motorcycle, and tried to run off. They caught the fucker though, not that it really makes the situation any better.

Hopefully there’ll be no death threats, knife fights, fatal car accidents, or other dramas tonight.

Yes, I’m going to keep making knife fight jokes.

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