Greece: Zakynthos Knife Fight

In a fun turn of events, Expedia has actually written me back to let me know they’ve refunded the 60€ to my account! Bless their little souls. Lesson learned kids, always complain until you get what you want.I’ve mostly been chillin’ around the house doing work and relaxing, but I’m here to see some fantastic beaches and stuff, so that’s my plan over the next couple days. I’m pretty far out from the town so it’s not overly convenient. The bike I was told I could use actually needs to be shared between us and Abby has a job so… not exactly available for any time use.

It’s far too hot to do much work during the day, and like I said, Abi is super chill, so she suggests I do some gardening stuff in the evening when it’s cooled down. For the afternoon, I walk down to the beach. The beach is a 10 minute cycle, or an hour walk. Guess who makes the hour walk? There’s only one bike and Abby was on her way to work. Really, an hour walk isn’t awful but it’s just so damn hot out!

It becomes VERY apparent as I approach the beach that Zakynthos is a major party town. I never do research, ever, which usually works out great because I have no expectations and everything is new and exciting, but I had Zakynthos in my head as this cute, lesser known quiet island. Wrong. wrong. wrong.
The beach itself is nothing special, and there isn’t any space to lay out on a towel, you’re pretty much forced to get a sun bed. I just buy a water so I can lay out for cheap. No one is topless tanning and it makes me miss Barcelona where I could be free of tan-lines and unnecessary fabric.

I spend an hour or so before getting bored and heading back to the house, but this time I refuse to walk so far. My flip flops are also on their last legs and the straps keep popping out so I don’t think they’ll survive the walk home even if I do. Instead I decide to hitch hike. There’s one main road so how hard can it really be?
The second car that I see picks me up. The driver is a 70+ year old man named Dimitri. Very Greek! I ask him to drive me to the Lidl grocery shop just past my house so I can grab some fruit and he drives me right to the front door. A true gem.

I decide to just pay for some of my own food, because while I kinda thought it would be included in my stay, there isn’t much in the fridge. I don’t really know how this WorkAway thing works, anyway. Dinners are guaranteed but it seems I’m on my own for the rest. I was feeling pretty awkward about not paying for anyway, and the expectation for “work” is so so chill I can hardly claim to be earning more than a free bed! And, this way I can eat what I want.


I’m sure by now you’re like, hey, I came here for the attention grabbing title. Where are the knives? Why are you showing me pictures of a fridge? Let me get to the good stuff.

I stayed in last night when the guys across the street came to our door to invite us over for wine. Just wasn’t feelin it. Well, I’ve never been happier with a decision, because Abi came home at 3am to tell me there had been a knife fight. Yes, with a real knife. (Not like when I got jumped in Barcelona.) She doesn’t know wtf happened but the Dad and son got into some argument, and BOOM a knife materialized. No one got injured but like, that’s still sketchy af. They yelled at her to leave, then for her to stay, and she was trying to comfort the daughter of the son’s girlfriend (if that makes sense) who’s like 7 years old. So she stayed, which I most certainly would not have.
I’m a littttttle sad I wasn’t there just so I could have documented it better, but I enjoyed being safely tucked into bed while, unknown to me, this was all going down.

I’m thinking I might be able to get my fill of Zakynthos and head out earlier than expected. There are other islands around that look amazing too!
There are still some touristy boat tours I have to take to see the most beautiful parts of the island (epic beaches and caves, can’t miss out on that) but then I think I’m outtttttie.
I’ve been looking up ferrys and flights. Santorini, Mykonos, Ios, Kos, Milos, all on the radar. It’s just soooo expensive to stay places!!! Santorini looks like minimum 60€ a night. Like that must be a joke?
But I mean….I’d rather pay 60€ for a night than get stabbed so.

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