Barcelona’s Cheapest Drinks

Because the further your money can go, the further you can go!

1. Tot 1€ Bar

Tot is Catalan for all. Need I say more? Everything is one euro. Bottles of San Miguel, a glass of wine, a pastry, a burger, maybe some olives; whatever peaks your fancy. I can’t explain how they make any profit, but that’s none of my business, I’m just here for the cheap stuff! A friend of mine was brave enough to try the burger and didn’t die, so it’s been tested. It wasn’t anything fancy, but he said it tasted alright…and again…I stress, 1€! The bar is small, and has a very typical Spanish style. You won’t be surrounded by English speakers here, it’s a locals spot!

Closest Metro Station: Universitat (L1)
Address: Carrer d’Aribau, 15, 08011 Barcelona

2. Tasca El Corral

Unusual décor that is reminiscent of your eccentric uncle’s log cabin, with a hint of dry storage dungeon… in a good way. Garlands of peppers, corn stalks, garlic, and traditional Spanish jamon legs hang from the ceiling, with a random array of plates, bells, pots, and even a pitch fork adorning the walls. The bathroom stalls are collaged head to toe with photos of boys for the boys, and girls for the girls. El Corral is a quirky little spot to say the least, but the atmosphere isn’t all they have to offer. A half litre of beer goes for 2.75€, but if you want to be really penny-wise (and trendy), you can drink a glass of red vermouth for just 1€.

Closest Metro Station: Barceloneta (L4)
AddressCarrer de la Mercè, 17, 08002 Barcelona

Decor at Tasca El Corral

3. 100 Montaditos

Okay, so it’s not exactly one of Barcelona’s coolest or most underground spots, but it’s certainly one of the cheapest. 100 (as the title suggests) sandwiches, salads, and snacks for absurdly low prices, but more importantly, drinks for absurdly low prices! A small caña of beer or sangria is just 1€, or get a half litre for 1.50€! This is my cheapest find so far
Go on a Wednesday or Sunday and take advantage of their promotion: everything on the food menu for 1€. Yes, everything.  If that’s not thrifty af, I don’t know what is. 

This is a chain restaurant (thus why I don’t really consider it overly cool) but as a result they have like 10 locations and that’s pretty convenient!

You can find 100 Montaditos near these metro stations: 
Urquinaona (L1/L2), Catalunya (L1/L3), Liceu (L3), Parallel (L2), Diagonal (L3/L5) & more.

Cerveza and montaditos on a sunny patio

4. The Lime House

Sexy red lighting and cozy seating spaces make this a good spot for a casual first date. If you’re a gin fan, you can choose from an entire wall of infusions, including cinnamon (yum!) and garlic (what?) for 7€. For the budget conscious, the 4€ mojitos are the real steal, but they’re made strong so watch out! There’s always beer if hard liquor isn’t your thing, and a bottle of Estrella goes for 2.50€.

Closest Metro Station: Jaume 1 (L4)
Address: Carrer dels Carders, 31, 08003 Barcelona

*Try their sister bars, The Mint in Barceloneta, and Rubi in El Born. Same atmosphere, same drinks, same prices, and sometimes even the same bartenders; just different titles. 

Wall of Gin at The Lime House

5. Taber Cafe

A perfect place to sit and chat without having to compete with too many voices in the room. As the name suggests, it’s a cafe, not a bar, so don’t go with your rowdy squad. This is great for a couple casual drinks, and most importantly, it’s an easy place to make good, fiscally responsible decisions! Taber Cafe is super budget friendly, with a small “caña” beer and side of olives priced at just 1€! Just got paid? Upgrade your beer to a mediana and pay an extra 0.80€. Trying to impress your date? Order cocktails without breaking the bank; Mojitos and Gin & Tonics are 4€ each.
*They also offer an array of cakes and coffees if you’re nursing last night’s hangover.

Two Locations:
Closest Metro Station: Universitat (L1/L2)

Address: Carrer de Joaquin Costa, 47, 08001 Barcelona

Closest Metro Station: Urquinaona (L1/L4)
Address: Carrer de General Alvarez de Castro, 5, 08003 Barcelona

This is what 3.60€ looks like at Taber Cafe

6. Blai Tonight

This isn’t just a spot for cheap drinks, but cheap pintxos too! Sit on the patio* to enjoy the sunshine and do some people watching; Blai is one of Barcelona’s most charming pedestrian-only streets. At 1€ for a half pint, and 1-1.50€ for each pintxo, you can comfortably rack up your glasses and toothpicks for under 10€. If you’re feeling fancy, treat yo’self (and hopefully some friends) to a 1.5L pitcher of sangria for 12€.
*0.20 patio fee
If this is full, check out any of the other bars along Blai, you can’t go wrong. 

Closest Metro Station: Parellel (L2/L3) or Poble Sec (L3)
AddressCarrer de Blai, 23, 08004 Barcelona

Photo stolen from @muntagood on Instagram

7. Bar Jardin

Quiet, calm, and nearly impossible to find if it weren’t for the large plastic camel at the door, Bar Jardín is a hidden rooftop gem above what seems like just another “mercat” in the Gothic Quarter. The quirky patio decor and inconspicuous location make this a great spot to bring friends and enjoy a drink on a sunny Barcelona day (so, every day) or warm summer night. Order a bottle of beer for 2.50€, or a refreshing mojito for 5€

Closest Metro Station: Liceu (L3) or Jaume 1 (L4)
Address: Carrer de la Portaferrissa, 17, 08002 Barcelona

Photo stolen from @lienyte on Instagram

8. Espit Chupitos

Hundreds, I mean hundreds of shots. The best way to play is to go with a group and each take turns ordering a round of whatever random shot name you fancy most. Some shots are served on fire, some you drink through a straw, and a couple are even served through a dildo… so choose wisely. They’ve also got your standard tequila, vodka, etc., but no matter what you order, it’ll be 2.50€!
I recommend La Cucaracha and the Harry Potter. (Spoiler alert: they’re both fiery!)
It’s good fun, but prepare for a sugary hangover.

Eixample Locations
Closest Metro Station: Universitat (L1)
Address: Carrer D’Aribau 77, 08036, Barcelona
Address: Carrer del Consell de Cent, 268, 08011 Barcelona
(these two locations are really close to each other)

Barceloneta Location
Closest Metro Station: Barceloneta (L4)
Address: Passeig de Colom, 8, 08002 Barcelona

Flaming shots! Order ‘La Cucaracha’

9. L’Ovella Negra

Poble Nou Location: Set up in an old warehouse that’s kept its industrial decor, this bar has a pretty hipster vibe. Great for large groups and cheap drinks before dancing the night away at club Razzmatazz. Drink a small San Miguel for 1.20€, push yourself a little harder and crush a litre for 5.60€, or share 5 litres with friends for 25€

Closest Metro Station: Bogatell (L4) or Marina (L1)
Address: Carrer de Zamora, 78, 08018 Barcelona 

La Rambla Location: A deceivingly large bar that reaches back into what feels like a little cave. With dim lighting, sticky floors, and tables big enough for you and 15 of your closest friends, this is a great spot for a casual night out or some cheap drinks before getting down at Jamboree. Prices are almost the same as Poble Nou, but as most things near La Rambla, they are a little more expensive. Here it’s 27.50€ for 5L. They make up for it with free popcorn! Just ask at the bar. 

Closest Metro Station: Catalunya (L1/L3)
Address: Calle de les Sitges, 5, 08001 Barcelona

#Bonus – The L’Ovella Negra in Poble Nou hosts a second-hand market on the first Sunday of every month! Some furniture, books, and collectibles can be found, but the majority of stalls offer clothing and small hand-made goods. Check out Two Market for details and dates. 

Two Market in January

Happy Bar Hopping!

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