Spain: Sunday Nights

Last week I was invited to a Facebook event that looked kinda cool, though I wouldn’t know how to explain what it is. Music, art, some other stuff. I don’t really know, but it’s only 6€ and it’ll turn this lazy Sunday into something a little more interesting. I rally the troops (my standard 4 person squad) and we head over to the venue, which is in a kinda sketchy looking area, but also super close to the coast. It’s a warm November evening, sitting at about 15 degrees. We head down to the beach before going into the event and share a bottle of wine poured into plastic cups. I’m starting to drink, and even kinda like, red wine! This is huge news.
As we’re approaching the venue I can see a crowd of people standing outside. Even from a far I can tell everyone is so much cooler than I am. So hipster. So chic. So many dreadlocks and tattoos. I’m wearing a top with flared sleeves and floral embroidery…

we pay our 6€ and step inside a dimly lit space with a little bar in one corner and a small make-shift stage across the room. There’s a guy giving someone a stick-and-poke tattoo, and a woman with giant pink eyelashes and gold rhinestones dotted along her cheeks doing “fantasy” makeup. Like a cooler, more hipster face painting station.

Someone is spray painting a canvas straight on the wall, and we watch her create a beautiful piece of a woman’s face right in front of our eyes.

Different artists have their work displayed all over the gallery, where I find a super cool drawing that only costs 5€, and is now my brother’s Christmas present. Pretty sure he doesn’t read this, so I can post it.

Then a horrible thing happens, when a girl sitting on a couch has the painting directly above her fall off and hit her square on the head. She’s got vibrantly dyed red hair, but you can see blood streaking down at an alarming rate. Obviously, a ton of people rush to her aid, and an ambulance is called. I’m certain she’ll be okay, but it’s still a terrible freak accident.

We don’t hang around too long. The event is on for 12 hours and runs from 2pm to 2am, but unless I plan on sitting and getting a full body stick and poke tattoo, I can’t imagine I’ll need to stay that late.

We move on to a cool cocktail bar in El Born, that has a drink of the week for 4.50€. Much much cheaper than the majority of their other cocktails that cost 7€ or more. I feel like it’s impossible to go wrong in El Born. There is ALWAYS something cool to be found. Just another thing to add to the list of what I love about Barcelona.

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