Spain: El Caramel Bunkers

The bunkers. An activity listed pretty high up in all of Barcelona’s tourist guidebooks. No idea what they are, but today we’re going. I really haven’t done anything touristy in my time here. Sure, I’ve wandered around the city and looked at all the beautiful Gaudi buildings from the outside, have become pretty familiar with the beaches of Barceloneta and the winding side streets of El Born… but I have yet to enter a museum. I can justify this by saying I’m waiting for my parents to visit at Christmas. They’ll want to do all the touristy things anyway, so there’s no point in seeing them twice!!
I currently have a 4 person squad. They are the only people I spend my time with, no lie. Lindzee (obviously), John (who we met a couple weeks ago and have seen almost every day since), and Adam (who was the first person I met here, but he disappears to work on the oil rigs in Angola every other month).

The four of us meet at our designated halfway-point metro station and make the journey up to the bunkers together.

We take a long city-bus ride to the bottom of the…hill? Mountain? I don’t know what to call it, it’s somewhere in between. Not an epic hike, but I’m out of shape af so it feels like a more painful journey to the top than it really is. It’s only about 10 minutes.

The bunker itself doesn’t seem so special (though it’s dark and I can’t see much of anything), but the view of Barcelona is incredible! I would argue that it’s even nicer than the view I experienced from El Tibidabo, because from here you can actually make out landmark buildings and main roads. It’s much closer. It’s a beautiful night so we sit with some cheap convenience store wine and enjoy the view.

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