Spain: Local

Another sign that I’m now a true local: I got a Spanish bank account today. It was surprisingly easy, I basically just needed a passport, address, and phone number. Now all I need is some money to deposit into it…
I get a text from Lindzee who is actually staying in Barcelona this weekend (for once). She’s usually out visiting other countries or cities, leaving me alone with just the boys to hang out with. She’s downtown, and I have a few hours to kill before my classes tonight, so I go to meet up with her.
Have you ever had a friend that you just want to tell everything to? I don’t mean everything that’s going on in your life right now, but someone new who doesn’t know anything about your history. Like EVERYTHING. Someone that you feel needs to be filled in on every moment of your life leading up to now? That’s what Lindzee and I are doing. We’ve become pretty close, being each other’s only female friend and all. I remember doing this with my roommates in first year university. We sat down at our kitchen table and talked at extreme speeds for hours, just filling each other in on who we’ve been, the experiences we’ve had and the people we’ve known. I love this. It’s as exhausting as it is exciting, as I’d rather they just KNOW instead of me having to explain it all…but at the same time I love remembering things about my past as they come to mind during these kinds of conversations.

I love learning about other people; I have a tendency to just binge on new people I meet, especially when travelling. I like learning everything all at once before they (or I) have to leave. You tend to be able to be the most honest with these people. You’ve got nothing to lose.

Of course, Lindzee is staying for the school year as well, so neither of us are going anywhere…but we’ve hit that traveler level friendship.

We spend our Thursday afternoon wandering around El Born, a super chic area of Barcelona, where shops, bars, cafés, museums, and more can be found along the winding cobblestone side streets of the district. It’s easy to get lost, but it’s the best kind of lost.

I head out to my classes which are extra chill on Thursdays. I have two sisters for one hour each, back to back, and they basically run the lessons which is so ideal. The eldest sister just likes to speak about anything and everything all the time, I never have to force conversation. By comparison, her younger sister just wants to play Clue today. That actually works out well because I get to teach her some vocabulary for different rooms of a house…and weapons. Useful stuff. She wins fair and square both times, I’m pretty shit at board games unless it’s Monopoly.

Our friend Francisco is playing another DJ set tonight as the usual spot, KosmoBar, so Lindzee and I go to check that out. We are spoiled with a couple free drinks, and actually get to hangout with Francisco a bit because he’s not the only DJ on tonight. Around midnight we leave to go in search of food. We find a doner shop that claims to be open until 2:30am but they’re closing the gate when we arrive. All restaurants close surprisingly early in Barcelona. We don’t even beg, but the owner is an absolutely legend, actually lets us in, and whips up two final wraps for the night. He literally closes the gate behind us as we walk out. If we had been 2 minutes later we would have been hungry and out of luck. I swear I have never had such a delicious doner in my life. Ever.

We walk back to the closest metro station (even though all metro lines are closed after midnight) just to sit and enjoy our fantastic food. Out of nowhere, as I’m taking a giant bite of my doner, a group of people we know walk by. They all work at our favourite English bar (open mic night every Tuesday!) and invite us out with them. Most bars are officially closed by now, but one of these guys owns his own spot and opens up his bar for his friends whenever he feels like it I guess. We follow them through a maze of side streets within El Born, and arrive at a tiny, dimly lit bar.

I love nights and places like this. Totally unplanned, random, and most importantly, not touristy. Just another step towards being a local.

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