Spain: Unintentional Beach Day 

My mother isn’t going to want to read this, but my new roommates are animals and have been partying for about…14 hours now. They went out for most of it, but I woke up to techno beats blaring in the living room. Lucky for me, I can sleep through anything, so it’s not like the music actually woke me up, but just the fact that they’re still going at 11am is astounding. I’m not sure if I should be impressed? I would most likely be dead by this point.
Not wanting to leave my room, I spend some time on my laptop. I feel like this goes without saying, but I am clearly NOT in party mode. Eventually I really have to pee though so I make a quick break and leap across the hall to the washroom. I’m certain I was spotted, and now I’ve made it weird. Well, weirder. I consider showering but even that seems like a poor idea because our washroom doesn’t have a lock on the door, and it would be too easy for a less-than-sober human to be unaware and just walk in.

It’s weird having a bunch of strangers in your house when you wake up.

I try to make myself look as presentable as possible given the circumstances, say a quick hello to my roomies and their guests, and get the hell outta there. I don’t want to be an awkward shut-in, but I’m also not about to crack a beer and join them. By the time I leave it’s 2pm…which means they’re on hour 17.
In some ways, this has been a good push to get me out of the house and take a nice aimless walk through my neighbourhood. It’s a beautiful, sunny, 23 degree day, so I take myself down to the beach.

Just a cool building I found on my way to the beach

Almost all of my friends are away this weekend, visiting different countries or cities around Spain. I don’t feel like I can afford such a luxury on 13 hours of work a week, so I have yet to explore beyond the parameters of this wonderful city. Living here doesn’t exactly evoke a burning desire to go on a weekend getaway anyway. I’m quite content.

boats and some restaurants lining the boardwalk

I dress in regular clothing, not planning to do any sun tanning or swimming, but there are MANY people in the water today. Much more than I would have expected, but I guess everyone is trying to squeeze a few more days out of summer.

I walk down along the beach and do literally nothing. I need to go invest in a good book…but even with nothing to do I am more than happy to sit with the sun on my face and nothing but the sound of the waves and happy beach-goers around me. I manage to waste 5 hours just wandering around and finding cute spots to sit. The time actually flies. I decide it’s time to go home again when I start to get chilly. The sun has lowered itself behind most of the buildings and I am in perpetual shade for my walk home. I hear music blaring when I get to the first floor of my building and roll my eyes. Is this even possible? For my roommates to be nearing 24 hours of non-stop partying?

No. it’s not. The music is just coming from one of the first floor rooms. When I read my floor I hear silence, and when I open the door there isn’t so much as one light on in the entire place. They’ve finally gone to sleep. I take this time to shower and get comfortable for a quiet night in. It’s just pirating TV series and eating snacks in bed for me tonight. At least my roomies will be on the same page this evening.

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