Spain: Interviews

I was electrocuted by the toaster in my hostel this morning. Twice. Now I’m having a bad hair day. I couldn’t be more excited to move into a real flat soon. Counting down the days.
In other news, I have 3 job interviews this week. Only 2 of them seem somewhat promising, and are only for a few hours a week, not the “full time” 20 hours I’m hoping for. Yes, you read that correctly. An average work week in Spain is a mere 20 hours. I don’t even know what I would do with all that extra free time!!! I could get two full time jobs and feel right at home. But I need to chill. Step 1: secure ANY job at all.

I’m settling in to Barcelona a little more now; it’s a great city.

Things I’m loving:

– The weather. 25 and sunny almost every day.

– Patios everywhere.

– €2 for NICE beers, not just the cheap ones. Estrella is usually €1, but I’m pretty over that already. I can get a Paulaner or Heineken for €2 at the right places.

– Being able to drink anywhere I want at any time. Including the metro, the street, and probably a children’s nursery if I should so choose. (But won’t, don’t worry)

– No tipping. Yes, I was a waitress, but tipping is stupid. Don’t get me wrong, I loved it because it allowed me to save money to do things like this, but the practice itself is ridiculous. So nice to know that when my bill says €5, it’s €5.

– Beautiful buildings on every. single. street. I’m not even a big architecture buff but I’m constantly in awe. Balconies everywhere!

Things I’m not used to:

– Slow walkers. It’s painful.

– The whole speaking Spanish thing. I struggle to even order my own food.

– Everyone smokes. Absolutely everyone. I don’t really struggle with this, I don’t care, I just find it strange.

– Police Officers with AKA 47s (but I think I feel safer here than I would in The States right now).
I spoke of cheap beers earlier; we have even found strong mojitos for €4, BUT, fun fact, when the bars close and clubs are the only place to go, drink prices sky rocket. A single vodka soda at Shoko is €12. I do not drink at clubs.

I go for my very first teaching job interview. It’s accessible by metro which is great, as so many of these jobs claim to be in Barcelona, but turn out to be in the outer suburbs, where you have to drive or take a train. Ain’t nobody got time for that, even when you’re as poor as I am.

I sit down with a very nice British woman who’s been living in Barcelona for the last 7 years as a teacher. She’s looking to fill a one hour time slot every Tuesday night for a group of 3 year olds.

3 year olds intimidate me. What if they cry? What if they fall or something? What if I hurt them? I can’t care for children. Why am I applying to be a teacher? Gotta go, byeeeeeee.

Just kidding. I stay. I put on a brave face and try to appear as confident as I can, instead of displaying how wildly unprepared and terrified I actually am. She doesn’t seem too stoked on the fact that I have no previous teaching experience, so I don’t think I really killed the interview, but it was practice if nothing else. I’m not too gutted about losing out on 16€/week.

This interview makes me question my entire existence. What the hell am I doing here? Who am I kidding? I don’t know how to teach people things, TEFL certified or not. I’ll probably end up being a waitress for the rest of my life, and I should just come to terms with that. I’m panicking. I call on Ma. She helps. I’m still worried I’ll never find a job here and will have to go home, defeated.

During my existential crisis, Lindzee invites me to an open mic night at a craft brewery she found online. I’m so down. We meet up with our two French friends and walk over to this hidden gem of a bar, literally entitled “craft”. It’s absolutely precious! They have live music in what is essentially a stone cave in a basement, tapas, and craft beers on tap, some of which are even brewed on site. However, they’re not cheap. I order a pint of their house Amber Ale and have to fork out €5.25. Ouch.

They alternate between comedians and musicians, and some of the acts are fantastic. Seriously. It might be the best open mic night I’ve ever been to. This is now my favourite bar. Check out Liam Cloud for cool acoustic jams (on Spotify or iTunes), and Ellen Daniels for some hilarious comedy. Just do it.

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