Spain: Apartment Hunting

I wake up eager to go see an apartment. I’m finally kinda sorta maybe getting my shit together. This is probably the most questionable real estate engagement I’ve ever made in my entire life, but desperate times call for desperate measures. This time of year is Barcelona is the busiest for finding a flat, as students and teachers alike have all come to settle in at the same time. I’ve been told that it will be a struggle to find a place.
However! Two nights ago, as I was leaving the club early in the morning with my friends, we ran into some strangers and chatted for a while. About 5 minutes into my conversation with a random French guy, I jokingly stated that I was looking for a roommate, and he told me he’d be moving to England in two weeks for work. He was looking to sublet his room.

Usually, I don’t rent from strangers I meet at 6am on the street, but like I said, desperate times.

So today I take the metro 5 stops to meet him at his flat with relatively low expectations. Is this area sketchy? What if he’s some kind of junkie? A murderer? What kind of people do you find on the streets of Barcelona at 6am? Then again, I was one of those people.

From Universitat to Clot. Barcelona has a glorious metro system

He meets me at the stations and shows me around the neighbourhood a little. This place is god damn precious. A fruit market and a bakery are within 100 meters of my potential door. We walk up a couple flights of stone steps, to a surprisingly clean and bright apartment. I’m shocked at how cute this place is. My room is not huge, but bigger than that of my two roommates. There is a big wrap around balcony, and they even have a cat! I’m pretty sold. My two roommates are both French boys, which will be a change for me after having lived alone in Toronto for the past two years, but at least if I don’t pick up Spanish I can practice my French.

Gary, my landlord-to-be, shows me around the area a little more, gives me the keys, and says he’ll see me on October 1st. I am STOKED to have found a place and feel like a huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders. Now I just need a job.

When I arrive home I check my e-mail to see that one potential employer has responded to me. I have a Skype interview on Wednesday! My life is on the up and up, I tell ya.

I spend more time working on this TEFL course. Now that I’ve applied to jobs and claimed to have the certification…I have to actually do it.

There is a big festival called La Mèrce that is going on this weekend, so later, I plan to meet some friends to check out some live music along the streets.

Until the thunder storm begins.

Huge damper on our evening. Instead we head to Barceloneta, a district near the beach, and get some drinks indoors. Hopefully the rain will stop tomorrow and we can check out this festival!

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