Spain: Adios, Toronto! 

Oh, the sweet, sweet high of beginning an adventure. The day is finally here. Today I board a plane to Barcelona, and attempt to create a life for myself. I have completed (well, have almost completed) the International TEFL Course, and am going to Spain in search of a teaching job. The plan is to stay for a year but who knows where this will take me?
Currently, having a UK Passport enables me to work abroad without a visa, but since this whole Brexit thing my freedom of movement throughout EU countries has been put up for negotiation over the next two years…AKA possibly ruining my life. So I’m trying to take advantage of this dual citizenship while I still can. Filling out all that paperwork was too tedious a task for it to go to waste.
I’m also hoping to pick up some Español, which I currently do not speak, but feel I should be able to pick up quite quickly if I just immerse myself.

Packing is more of a challenge today than for my previous trips. Countries like Thailand and Nicaragua require nothing but a few pairs of shorts, light weight shirts, and a couple bathing suits. Barcelona will eventually dip to mild temperatures, and I’ll need sweaters. Sweaters are so big! Not efficient packing material. I’ll also need some more presentable or professional attire if I plan on landing a real person job. How do I fit a year’s worth of clothing into one backpack?

Mom and Dad drive me to the airport and see me off at the security check point. They plan to come visit for Christmas so realistically, I’ll be seeing them soon.

Almost immediately after I get through to my gate, an announcement is made asking one passenger with flexible travel plans (me) to take tomorrow morning’s flight instead. I guess they over booked. I’m not sure I want to be a good samaritan and sacrifice my direct flight for one with a layover, until I hear them say they are offering EIGHT HUNDRED DOLLARS CASH in compensation for the switch. I literally run to the desk and call my parents, asking them not to leave the airport. Some middle aged man who doesn’t particularly look like he needs $800 as much as I do gets to the desk before me, and steals my chance.

Note to self: always choose to be a good samaritan right away, and wear performance running shoes to the airport.

I talk to the guy about it and jokingly/not jokingly try to convince him to stay on this flight, but he’s not budging, so I accept my defeat and wait to board.

I don’t think what I’m doing has actually set in. I’m not sure when it will. Maybe tomorrow when I land, when I’m checking into my hostel, or maybe not until I’m starting my first day on the job (assuming I find one). For now I’m just excited for a change.

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