Iceland: Back to Reykjavik 

Our airport hotel has a shit breakfast. From 4:30-6:30 they do “cold” breakfast, and then the “hot” breakfast follows. We need to leave by 6am, so we are only going to make it for the cold food. It’s just bread, meat, and cheese. And they’re out of cheese. Wouldn’t kill them to turn on a toaster. They don’t have cream for coffee. Fruit/yogurt apparently doesn’t count as cold food. We’re not super stoked, but what can you do?

Dad tries to arrange a taxi to the airport with the front desk, but while the concierge is calling, he decides to open his Uber app. Surprise! Norway has Uber!

I’m a huge Uber fan, especially with all the bullshit that goes on with the taxis in Toronto. Please refer to this video of a cabbie jumping on a moving Uber.

The driver rolls up in the same car Dad drives at home, is friendly, and takes us quickly to the airport.

not used to riding shotgun

It only costs 90NOK ($14). This is huge news. It just occurred to me that I haven’t been listing costs much on this trip, but I can tell you Norway is one of the most expensive countries in the world, and our taxi the night before cost almost 4x this amount. Seriously. That’s in a metered cab, just to an airport hotel.

Conclusion: Uber is life.

Download the app and use the code naomil153 so we both get a free ride! It’ll change your life.

Fast forward: we arrive in Reykjavik. We find a cute spot for lunch down by the harbour called the coo coo’s nest. It’s a simple little (very little) café with good sandwiches and a nice atmosphere.

Sev and I are going off on our own to stay in a hostel for our last couple days here. Sev has never been to one before, and they’re always a good time so I figured it would be a fun way to stay in Iceland. We did just sleep on bunk beds last night after all. Why not share a room with 8 other people too? The hostel is super cool; it’s set up in an old cookie factory right on the coast in Reykjavik. It’s huge and industrial. Hipsters everywhere.
We settle in and have a pint at the hostel bar where we meet some Americans who are here on a semester abroad. Later, Sev and I head downtown where we find a bar that we visited back in 2012 when we visited Iceland for the first time. Sev was 16 at the time and was somehow served a beer, so we still have a picture on Facebook of him with his “first” drink. We do our best to take an identical photo for comparison’s sake.


We meet up with Ma and Pa again for a nice dinner at Apotek where I have some perfectly cooked octopus and a salmon dish that uses tea-infused barbecue sauce. Super fabulous.

Back at our hostel, the bar is packed and everyone is jamming out to some live music. I knew we picked a good spot. Our American friends are down the street at another bar and are going on a full on night out, but I’m old now and feeling really tired. We’re getting up at 8am to drive the south coast of Iceland, so instead of sleeping in the car all day I decide to call it a night and go to bed early. Sev is much younger and cooler than I, so he goes out. I will live vicariously through his stories tomorrow.

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