Norway: World’s Most Northern Brewery

It’s our last day here in Tromsø so we try to cram in a couple more touristy activities. We have yet to eat a pølse (aka a Norwegian hot dog) so we make that a priority for lunch. It’s cold and rainy but we walk down to the semi-famous 100 year old pølse stand… just to find that it isn’t even open!! There’s a sign explaining that they’re only open on nice sunny days. Rude.

Instead we end up at a convenience store, similar to a 7/11, where they sell pølse and apparently this is the typical Norwegian kind. I asked a local where to get one and they sent me here. I’m a little skeptical of the authenticity, and I’m absolutely certain it would have tasted better from the proper hot dog stand, but it tastes alright. Mission accomplished.  I sort of equate it to a 7/11 in Japan where it’s super common to grab an onigiri or another snack for lunch. In Canada I don’t know too many people who would eat lunch at a convenience store. But hey if that’s the thing here then I’m cool with it.

Next we head over to Mack Brewery– the northern most brewery in the world!! Tromsø has the northern most everything, if you haven’t figured that out yet. Mack is a family owned brewery that first opened in the late 1800s. Their beer is famous across the country, and they brew everything from classic Pilsners to seasonal Christmas beers and ciders. The tour takes us about an hour including a 20 minute history video to start with. We get 2 tastings included with our ticket price, but Dad has to drive us to the airport and Mom isn’t a fan of beer so Sev and I take their extras. Sev’s weak af and eventually gives up so I drink it all. Definitely a little drunk now. Best tour ever!

Sev mowing on a reindeer pepperette

Our original plan was to visit Polaria, an arctic aquarium (the worlds northern most aquarium?), but we don’t really have the time so instead we just head to the airport. After a quick flight to Oslo we check-in to a nearby airport hotel for the night.

Our room reminds me of the cool kids furniture displays at IKEA. It’s one room for the 4 of us and mine and Sev’s beds literally fold out of the wall, bunk bed style. I always thought those rooms were so rad as a kid, so I’m living my childhood dream right now.

I’m boring and sleepy so I crawl into bed at 10:30 while the rest of my fam goes down to the bar. I have a vague memory of them coming back to the room and streaming Game of Thrones on Dad’s laptop, but just barely. It’s a wonderful sleep. We’re leaving for Reykjavik at 6am so I feel good about my decision. I think I’m still on season 3 of GoT anyway.

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