Norway: Pre-Race Day 

I can only sleep for about 4 hours at a time now. Brilliant. Lucky for them, this does not apply to the rest of my family. They all sleep for a solid 8+ hours. Jealous. After a slow start to the day we head over to city hall to sort of sign in and pick up all our necessary running gear. The city of Tromsø is bumpin’! Apparently there’s a dog show on this weekend, in addition to the race, AND a cruise ship parked a few kilometres out so the passengers can visit for the weekend.

We have a late sushi lunch at 2pm. While Sushi isn’t a very traditional Norwegian dish, the restaurant is literally overlooking a harbour so I expect they’ll have some pretty good quality fisk, and they do. We all share a big assorted sushi boat which looks rad but we dig in so fast I forget to take a picture. The guy sitting at the table next to us asks if he can, though. He and his friends all got the same standard salmon dish; they must be just drowning in food envy right meow.

We walk around the town a little more and get a soft serve ice cream. This is a “thing” in Scandinavia, and for good reason. It’s probably my favourite kind of ice cream! I shouldn’t be eating this pre-race day but…when in Rome.

Sev buys a classic Norwegian sweater from a little farmers market in the main square. Tromsø has some really awesome pedestrian-only streets. We need more of these back home. There city also has about 8 billion hair dressing salons. We’re not sure why. We’ve started counting and there’s at least 8 within a very small area of downtown. Just a fun fact for you.

Later, we go back to pick up our car and take a little drive across the bridge over to the mainland. A blue strip has been painted along the road to guide the marathon runners tomorrow and holy geeze they have a long way to go! It feels long in a car, I would absolutely die if I had to run it. My 10k looks rellllllatively harmless on a map. I’ll find out one way or another tomorrow. I keep putting it out of my mind because stressing about it won’t change anything about my preparation… or lack there of.

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