Iceland: Noon to Midnight

I wake up early enough to shower, finish packing, and head to the airport where I’ll meet the rest of my fam jam. We’re headed to Iceland today! We’ve called it Iceland round 2, as we went a few years ago. Almost 4 years ago to be more specific. I’m about to sound old, but my oh my how the time flies. Really, the purpose of this trip is to hit Norway for the Midnight Sun Marathon, but I’ll explain more on that later.

I arrive at noon for our 2pm flight. Pearson Intl. is trying to get fancy and test out some new form of security, but it’s a mess. Apparently it’s supposed to make things more efficient but I can assure you that it doesn’t. The theory of the system itself probably makes sense, but they’ve forgotten to take the stupidity of the average human into account. Everyone is confused, weird and slow. It’s hectic. We make it though with time to spare but it’s a frustrating process. 

Flights themselves are never much to write home about (or blog about), and neither is this one. There’s a family behind us who keeps like, punching and kicking my seat for unknown reasons. I want to stab them, but I don’t. Classic flight problem. I do manage to get a pretty cool photo of Greenland from the air. I know plane photos are annoying and usually pretty devoid of anything but some clouds and maybe a plane wing, but bear with me. This one is pretty legit.

Look at all the cool snowy mountains! Glacial water! A hint of a rainbow in the top right corner!

After a mere 5 hours of enduring the seat punching, and watching in flight movies, we have arrived. The time is 11:15pm and the sun has not yet set. It’s almost summer solstice, and because of where Iceland is located there are a few days a year that it remains in total sunlight for 24 hours, and of course, total darkness for a few days in the winter as well. We take a taxi to a cute little bed and breakfast nearby the airport and arrive by midnight. Sun still shining. No one is tired and there’s nothing to do around us (we’re literally in a starkly located little subdivision somewhere between the airport and Reykjavik) so we sit quietly in our room and try to entertain ourselves. I’m too stoked on the promise of adventure to sleep. So here I am… writing about it to pass the time.

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