Nicaragua: Giant Jesus

We try for the beach again. It’s still windy. I skip the sunscreen glue this time, and pray I don’t burn. I’ve been so diligent with my UV protection that I’m actually still pasty white, which is not how one should look in Nicaragua.

We don’t last long on la playa, so we go back over to the Loose Moose for lunch, and because Ilona is interested in a job. Yes, you read that correctly. Her flight home is booked for Jan 26th, but she’s thinking she’ll just casually skip it and move here. Meanwhile, on Sunday I go back to a mundane existence, going through the motions of attending classes and writing exams, just to receive a piece of paper to prove it happened.
I can’t help but ask myself who’s making the better choice. I’m not certain it’s me. I’ve already dropped out of school to travel once, can’t exactly justify doing it again with only 4 months to go. Don’t worry Ma, I’m coming home.

I take a little siesta in my room, half reading and half napping. An hour before sunset I meet up with 2 guys from the hostel and we walk up to see the second largest Jesus statue in the world; second to the one in Rio of course.
We get a little lost on the way up and start to worry we’ll miss the sunset, but a woman in an ATV rocks up, music blaring, and nods at us to get in. She drops us just before the last 100 metres to the top, the steepest part of the climb. We pay $1 to a random man as an entry fee. It’s not very official, he’s literally just got a stack of bills and no uniform or anything, but I had seen a sign earlier confirming the price.

We make it up at the perfect time and are able to catch the sun falling below the horizon, with a beautiful view of the bay. Nothing like a good sunset!
We hike back down and head back to the hostel. I find Ilona back at the Loose Moose and we join their pub crawl. I need to leave San Juan Del Sur tomorrow or I will die. I feel like I’m on spring break. This is not who I am. It’s a pretty good pub crawl though I won’t lie. Everyone is Canadian here, it’s insane. The amount of Jays hats and t-shirts I’ve seen….even one of the locals was wearing one! The Jays are famous all the way down to Central America.


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