Nicaragua: Las Peñitas 

My toe is so itchy that it actually wakes me. There’s a big hanging bug net above my bed but it has some significantly large holes in it. Defective. Have you ever had a mosquito bite on your toe? An itch on your foot? Is there anything worse?
It’s a good time to get up anyway, we have to check out and find a new place to stay. They only had a cabana available for one night and we planned to stay by the beach in Las Penitas a little longer.
Ilona and Tanner wake up not too long after I do, we have some breakfast, and set out to find new accommodation. We walk down the only street in town which runs parallel to the beach. We come across a bed and breakfast called Sol y Mar which translates to sun and ocean. I overcome yet another language barrier plagued conversation with the woman working at the hostel. There are statues and photos of Jesus everywhere, the decorations in our room remind Ilona of her aunts house, and the water pressure coming out of the shower is basically non-existent. But it’s $35 a night split between the three of us, with included breakfast and it’s right on the beach.

We take it.

Immediately dropping our stuff in the room, we head for the beach. The sound of heavy waves crashing into the shore is soothing. The sun is out in full force, so I apply a thick layer of 100SPF. I live in fear of becoming a tomato. The sun is so strong here!

It’s a lazy day. We lay on the beach, casually taking dips in and out of the ocean. I’m pretty shit at swimming when it’s wavy. I’d love to learn to surf but I am not even sure I could make it out far enough to catch a wave sooooo…
I hang out close to the shore. I am sure we’ll find beaches with calm clear water in the near future. That’s more up my alley anyway.

I revoke what I said yesterday about the food in Nicaragua. There’s a nearby beach bar/restaurant/hotel that we retreat to after hours in the sun. We order tacos and ceviche (raw fish doused in a lime juice which has a sort of cooking effect. Very refreshing and generally DELISH). It’s the best meal I’ve had so far. Huge upgrade from last night’s sandwich.

After watching a lovely sunset from this bar, Playa Roca, we go back to our room to shower off all the sand.

 lona showers first. I fight Tanner for dibs on second, and win. Having not washed my hair for three days I take long-by-comparison shower and treat myself to some scalp suds. During the day the shower was basically off, but now the water pressure is so strong it’s almost painful, but I embrace it. It’s hard to come by a good shower when you backpack.
Just as I’m about to turn off the water I see that under the shower curtain…the whole bathroom is flooding. I immediately shut off the tap, and announce to my roommates that something terrible has happened, but I’m too late. There’s water seeping into our room and down the hallway. Our neighbours have water coming under their door.

I have destroyed the building.

The owners are apologizing to us, we are apologizing to them, and I am desperately wishing I had let Tanner shower second so this would be his fault; not mine. I’m mopping up a small lake with an old ragged towel. More towels and mops come out, and in the end, collectively, we do a pretty decent job of drying the mess. Tanner never gets to shower. So in some ways, I’m happy because at least I’m clean.

As a bonus….we are given an epic fan to help dry the remainder of the water in our room, soooo at least we will sleep comfortably tonight. Not worth the flood, but hard to complain about.

We make the 15 minute walk down to the end of the beach where we were dropped off yesterday at Las Penitas Bigfoot hostel. It’s supposed to be a good party, but the rooms are like, filthy. I’d rather have a flooding bathroom than a smelly, puke filled dorm. Seriously, we googled some reviews. They’re awful. Here’s a small excerpt of one as an example:

 The walk is a little sketchy, down the eerily empty and dimly lit road. Probably not a great idea, but it’s not like taxis are abundantly available. We make it to Bigfoot alive, but instead of the bumpin’ party we expected, we find a nearly vacant bar. Slightly disappointing after risking our lives to get here, but what can you do? Make the best of it and bring the party woop woop!
They make it pretty easy. Drinks specials: 3 tequila shots for 100 Cordobas ($3.50), and 2-for-1 Rum & Cokes for 80 Cordobas ($2.80).

Needless to say, it gets out of control.

Aaaand while hanging out down by the beach, I catch sight of not one but two incredible shooting stars. The kind you see in cartoons; stretching across the whole sky, leaving long white tails behind them. Beautiful.

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