Cambodia: Kampotopoly

We have a lazy day at the hostel. The heat is too much and we had such a full day yesterday. Today, we rest. They’ve got a monopoly board behind the bar, so after lunch Tamara, Devin Ilpo and I bring that out and start a game. Just before we’ve finished counting our starter cash, a random guy at the hostel asks if he can join. My automatic response is to say yes and welcome him in, but we quickly realize the guy is a total wacko. My bad everyone. He’s the kinda guy who seems perma-fried from some serious hard drugs. He seriously yells at me and threatens to stop playing (like I care) for buying a property after I’ve passed the dice to the next person. We just wanted to have a friendly and relaxing game….we’ve made a huge mistake.

To keep the game interesting, we make “jail” the river, so if you ever go to jail you’ve got to jump in and stay until someone rolls you out. The same applies for landing on the “just visiting” space. It’s a fun way to cool off during the hot afternoon. We call it Kampotopoly. Jail is the best part. Playing with the stoned monopoly nazi certainly doesn’t make the game any better, but I still have fun playing with everyone else. It is my favourite board game after all!




Sigrid comes back from shopping at the market and brings us some fruit. We snack on a bag of delicious lychees while we play. I learn that you can just bite down on the pit instead of struggling to eating the fruit around it, which is a huge revelation for me!

I win Kampotopoly (hollaaaaaaa) and we clean up then head out for dinner. We meet up with Sigrid’s friend David that she met in Vietnam, and his two new travel buddies. I order a vegetable curry for dinner, the same as Ilpo and Tamara.
We move to another bar after our meal for some cheap beer and about an hour in I start to feel really nauseous. I never get sick. It doesn’t make sense to me, because Tamara and Ilpo ate the exact same meal as I did, and they feel fine. It can’t be the food. I try to wait it out but end up leaving on my own and hailing a tuk tuk to get home. I make it back to the hostel just in time, because as soon as I hit the washroom I start puking. I’m only sick for 10 minutes before I stand up and feel great. Totally back to normal. What the hellllll?! I consider going back to meet everyone because I have serious FOMO syndrome (Fear Of Missing Out) but I decide to be responsible and go to sleep instead. I’ll save a couple bucks this way too. I bring a little plastic bag into my bug tent with me, just in case, but I never need to use it. I am magically cured.

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