Japan: Robot Restaurant and Other Strange Tokyo Things

After not getting back to the hotel until about midnight last night, I have another late morning. I’ve only got two and a half days in Tokyo left and need to make the most of it! If only sleep weren’t necessary.

We take it easy for the afternoon and spend our time shopping in Shibuya. We didn’t get enough time there yesterday and there’s so much to see!
We find some cool stores, and even a shoe store that carries my size. I don’t know what’s wrong with me, but I don’t buy a pair. I do, however, get a sweet t-shirt that has a whole bunch of English gibberish on it from a store called Candy Stripper. It’s kind of the bomb.

Dad comes across an awesome restaurant, where you order and pay for your food outside from what’s basically a vending machine that spits out tickets. Once you go inside, they collect your tickets and bring freshly cooked food to your seat at a long bar. I order a small sized bowl of ramen that comes with a side of pork dumplings. I am SO happy I ordered the small, because even after 20 minutes of shovelling noodles, pork, and vegetables into my mouth, I haven’t made much progress.






We move on from Shibuya to Harajuku; famous for it’s wild fashion. I don’t see anyone totally decked out in Harajuku style, but I do catch a couple of interesting outfits.



We find some weird giant fem-bot things, parked on the side of the road behind a car. We think is a prime location for our selfie of the day.


Our reservation to the Robot Restaurant is at 6:30, so our time in Harajuku is cut short in order to get to Shinjuku on time for the show. What I’ve read about Robot Restaurant is that it’s a totally weird, awesome and fun experience, but that the food is awful. Seriously, just read some trip advisor reviews. It sounds kooky. Robot Restaurant Reviews
Naturally, we have to try it. Also, fun fact: my favourite musician in the whole world, Macklemore, was in a Tokyo like a week before me (just missed him, so traumatizing), and he went to Robot Restaurant. So clearly it’s legit.

We take a short cab ride from Harajuku to the Robot Restaurant, still unsure of what to expect. We round the corner onto a small side street and BAM! Lights everywhere, colours, mirrors, music all up everywhere. I think we’ve arrived. Even from the outside, before we give our reservation name, we can see scantily clad girls riding sparkly mirror plated horse robots and giant fem-bots (which, coincidentally, are the same as the ones from our selfie today), as well as power-rangeresque robot people playing music. What is this magical place?

We are early, so we are sent upstairs to a lounge area where two women dressed like what I can only describe as…what the 1960s thought slutty future space people would dress like. All the furniture is crazy and gold. Robotic dinosaurs are dancing on some tables (not ours, unfortunately), mirrors are absolutely EVERYWHERE, and when I go to the washroom the toilet is covered in a floral print (and of course the walls are all decorated in sparkly things too).



Shortly before the show begins, we are ushered into the elevator and then down three or four flights of stairs to the basement, where I assume the show takes place. We find our seats and settle in for the weirdest show on earth.

I’ve been having enough trouble trying to write about Japan as a whole because it’s just SO different, I don’t think I can manage to properly describe the Robot Restaurant. It is out of this world. Hands down the weirdest thing I’ve seen… and I’ve been to Bangkok. Here are some photos. Everything you are imagining and MORE happens during this show. The trip advisors are right…if you get the chance, GO!






After crap food at the robot restaurant, we plan to get a late dinner at one of our hotel restaurants. Everything is closed besides the California Café, which describes itself as a fusion of Japanese and French cuisine. Dad orders Italian risotto.
It sounds like a terrible idea but their food is actually good…what are the chances? I just have a simple chicken salad because I’m still full from the 400 pounds of noodles I consumed 6 hours ago.

Soon, it shall be my 22nd birthday! Wahhh

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