Japan: Finally Here

The day is finally here! I feel like I’ve been waiting for this day forever. Since returning home from my last trip in September, I’ve been planning to get away again. At first I thought I’d leave for Asia in December, which somehow became February, which then turned to March. Those 7 months were long, (in my small town without a car) but now in hindsight feel so fleeting. It’s all been worth it. I’m on my way.

Dad and I head to the airport with Mom and my cousin Krista to see us off. I hate saying goodbyes and I know poor Mama worries, but it’s only a short trip compared to my last. I’m so overwhelmed by the excitement of adventure-to-come that I can’t feel sadness. I just can’t wait for 2:05.
The flight to Tokyo is 14 hours long. For this, I am not pumped. When Dad and I get our boarding passes, we see that our seats aren’t even together…14 hours is a long time to spend wedged between two strangers.
We ask multiple people if there’s some way they can rearrange the seating, but we are consistently told no. We accept our fate.

Pearson International is mediocre at best, although they have been making some improvements. Dad and I wait in a lounge right next to our gate, which has an iPad and charging station next to every individual seat. You can even order food and drinks from a nearby restaurant, with just the click of a button on the iPad screen. Pretty cool.

When we board the plane, we are fortunate to find one young woman sitting alone in the seat next to Dad’s. I ask her if she would mind switching seats with me, and she gets up without hesitation. What a little angel. I don’t understand why every Air Canada employee had such trouble shifting things around on a flight that holds like 800 people, but lucky for us I’m an expert hostess. Apparently seating people is my calling.

I read my book, Escape From Camp 14 (which you MUST read if you ever get the chance/have a soul) and watch in flight movies (all the hype about Frozen is legit) for most of the flight, and try to get some sleep.
They serve Mr. Noodles…how exotic!
It’s 6:30am in Tokyo and 5:30pm on Toronto time. Jet lag is going to be a buzz kill.

Cousin and I ready to get goin’
long ass flight


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