Thailand: Happy Birthday Ilona!

Wooo! Ilona’s birthday begins at midnight so we wait until the clock strikes 12 to sing happy birthday before falling asleep.

Most of the day is spent just hanging out, hoping the rain will stop soon. It’s supposed to be nice later on, but for now the beach is out of the question. There is a Dexter marathon playing on the TV in our room (incredible) The Asian premiere of Dexter season 7 is on tonight, so we chill out and watch that until the late afternoon but miss the actual premiere. Whatevvvv. I saw it when I was back in Canada. God I miss Dexter. And American Horror Story. Damn you Apple for not equipping your iPads with Flash Player.

Ilona, Carrie and I all go down the street to a bar where I order the most delicious beverage I’ve ever tasted. It’s called a Bailey’s Shake, and I seriously suggest you make one some day. It has Bailey’s, Vodka, Milk and Bananas…mixed into a shake. Wtf, heaven. I drink two because it’s happy hour, and I can. We go back to our room to collect everyone else before getting dinner. We watch some more Dexter.

When everyone is ready to go we walk down to the restaurant attached to our cottages where I order a yummy chicken skewer. We sing Happy Birthday to Ilona and give her a gift, which is a bathing suit she has been wanting. It’s not much, but we’re all dirt broke and the bathing suit is pretty. Afterwards we walk down to a bar where they have a fire show and cheap drink deals. Sarah and Cara run out to the 7/11 and get Ilona a cake….again because we are dirt broke, and finding a proper cake in Thailand is not easy. We light some candles and bring her the cake at the bar while we sing Happy Birthday again. The ability to bring your own food and drinks into any restaurant without a problem here is the best. The bar even gives us a knife (that looks more like a machete) to cut the cake.

It is awful tasting. We smear it on Ilona’s face instead of trying to pretend to eat it. We hop around to a few different bars on the strip of beach, and go to bed long after the bars are closed.

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