Thailand: Full Moon Party

My day consists of various preparations for the evening. We go into town to get breakfast, and afterwards walk down the street to shop. We need full moon tank tops, glitter, and a pedicure. Ilona and I choose a random nail salon on the street to get our nails done which only cost 150 baht (4ish dollars). All they do is soak my feet in cold water and paint my toes, there is no scrubbing or filing or much else at all. For 4 dollars I don’t care, but my feet still look atrocious.

Afterwards we come home and have a nap, because I know we are going to be up all night and the last thing I want is to be too tired to carry on. We go over to the night market for dinner where I get a pad Thai, and then we come back to start the face painting. Cara draws another awesome cheetah print pattern on my face in pink this time instead of blue, and I cover it in sparkles. Then, I cover my entire body with sparkles too. I am now ready to attend the biggest party in Thailand.

Unfortunately, this is where I must leave you. What happens at The Full Moon Party… stays at The Full Moon Party.

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