Thailand: On To Koh Lanta

I am over Koh Phi Phi. I have no desire to stay on this party island for even one more night. Nothing is different, there is a limited amount of things to do besides drinking, and I don’t enjoy the main beach. I have to walk out for 5 minutes just to get into deep enough water to tread, the ground turns from muddy to rocky the further you walk. Not to mention that the water by the shore is boiling hot due to the fact that it’s so shallow. What’s to like? Of course the scenery around it is beautiful, but I can find that on any island in Thailand, so I would like to move on. Luckily I’m not the only one, and a few of the other girls are ready to get off this rock with me. Where we go next is the question… and we debate about the best option all day while at the beach. I am happy to go off all on my own to visit a national park in the main land where they apparently have a beautiful jungle, but I would also like to stay in the islands for a few more days. We all finally agree on where we want to go and arrange to go to Koh Lanta, another island just south east of Koh Phi Phi. Two of the girls plan on staying behind to keep partying in Koh Phi Phi. I know that I am going to have more than enough time to party in Koh Phangan, the week around the Full Moon Party, so I am not too worried about missing out in Phi Phi.

The four of us buy a boat ticket to ferry us across to Koh Lanta at 3:30pm. The boat ride is only an hour and a half long so we reach the island before dark. Before we even get on the boat there is a hotel owner with a sign full of pictures and prices listed trying to promote his hotel in Lanta. I don’t know what happened but somehow we begin an actual conversation with him, which never ever happens when I see people with signs. The rooms are 1200 baht, a solid 400 baht more than we’re willing to pay, so we talk down the price. We manage to convince him to let us stay in one double room with two extra beds for 800 baht a night, which evens out to 200 baht each, ($6) not too shabby. We even get a free taxi ride included. I am definitely skeptical, because I feel like anyone who has to take a boat to Koh Phi Phi in order to recruit tourists back to their hotel in Lanta is obviously not very busy, which leads me to ask why? But I’m down for an adventure.
It helps when 4 other people on the boat let us know that they have agreed to the same deal. It turns out that they are all from Canada, and not just Canada but Waterloo! Crazy. They all seem very nice, but I have to admit that beyond the initial excitement from finding people who are from Canada, I always feel like I don’t want to hang out with anyone from home. It’s not fun to hang out with people who are just like the friends you could have made at home. I would prefer to meet people from other cultures and countries. Sorry to all my fellow Canadian travelers. Carrie, one of the girls I’m traveling with now, is from Vancouver but even that is far more interesting and different than Waterloo. It’s cool to meet them all the same. We all share a truck ride back to this guesthouse where we are pleasantly surprised to find spacious rooms with a TV and a mini-fridge (things I don’t need or even want, but a good sign that I’m not staying in a total shit hole). The only problem with this place is that it’s in the middle of nowhere, besides being a 30 second walk to the beach there is nothing around us. We ask some locals and find out it’s a solid 8-10 kilometers to the nearest town, but luckily we are able to rent motor bikes for only 100 baht ($3) a day so that will enable us to get there. I haven’t driven a motorbike yet but I’m excited and I have faith that I’ll be good at it. If I’m not, the three other girls I’m with are, so I can always just hitch a ride on the back of theirs.

The four of us all walk down the street and find a restaurant to eat at. I order a pad Thai. I’m not too exciting over here… I just love it so much! It’s delicious as per usual, and in between bites we all look up things to do and see on Koh Lanta in our Lonely Planet guide book. Today is American Thanksgiving so the three girls I’m traveling with count this as their Thanksgiving meal! Classic Thanksgiving dish – Pad Thai. It’s interesting to see how different their thanksgiving is from ours, it’s a way bigger deal over there than in Canada!

Tomorrow we plan to rent bikes and go into town where there is actually stuff to do. For tonight though, we just decide to take it easy, because we’re all exhausted, so we just take a quick walk down to the beach and back up to our guesthouse where we hang out, watch Thai TV, and Skype various friends and family.

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