Thailand: Koh Phi Phi

My skin is layered in salt and sand, and I wonder if by the end of this month it will be permanent. That wouldn’t be such a bad thing, but I do get sick of having to empty out my purse every day to rid it off the tiny bits of sand that somehow creep in and pile up in each nook and pocket.I wake up in my bed at the guesthouse, which is also littered with sand, with a towel as my blanket. I pick up my laundry, and have a quick shower before packing up all my belongings. Today we travel to Koh Phi Phi, which is another island in the southern part of Thailand, not too far from Railay Beach. We get on a long tail boat that takes us out into a deeper part of the sea where a giant white ferry is waiting for us. We awkwardly climb from one boat to the next, and thank god someone is there to take my bag, because I would definitely have fallen in with all 16 kilos of it on my back.
The boat ride is an hour and a half long, and I fall asleep easily to the rocking of the boat on the waves. When I wake up, I look out the window to see crystal blue water on white sand beaches and palm trees along the shore. We are in Koh Phi Phi and this island is even more beautiful than the last. It’s also a lot more popular, and absolutely loaded with tourists. We struggle to find a guesthouse at a decent price, but we do finally stumble upon a place in the middle of town. All the items in the shops lining the streets are way more expensive than in Bangkok or even Railay. Instead of 25 Bhat for a little country flag to sew onto my backpack, like I had found in Bangkok, they charge 80 in these shops. Way too much, but it’s a giant tourist attraction so I guess they can do whatever they want.
We get lunch at a nearby restaurant that is less over-priced than the other restaurants we’ve seen. In the realm of things, the meal is still only about 5 dollars but it just seems so much more expensive when we’re all used to paying 1 or 2! After lunch we go to the beach and get in the water just as the weather turns from sweltering and sunny to overcast. The water on this beach is not as blue and crystal clear as it had looked when we were approaching the shore on the ferry. There are bits of dirt and some sort of worm-type things swimming around in the murky green colour water. Definitely not as appealing as the last beach we were on. Alas. Swimming will never be the same without the phosphorous plankton. We plan to explore the island a bit more tomorrow, and I’m sure that Maya beach will be beautiful as well so there’s still hope! I can’t very well complain about one cloudy day and one dirty sea, so I won’t.

The rain starts coming down hard, so we walk back to our guesthouse and take a shower before dinner. I take advantage of the cool air and overcast sky to do my make up for once. Maybe it won’t melt off my face in the heat and humidity tonight, but who am I kidding? Yes it will.

We all go out for dinner near the hotel which is also near where all the parties are, so it’s loud and we watch people walk by with buckets and beers in hand as we eat. Afterwards we join the party and go down to the beach with our buckets, where they have a different variation of a fire show. Here, they have jump ropes engulfed in flames, and ask audience members to come up and jump in. I don’t think Naomi, alcohol, and fire mix so well, so I don’t jump in but some of the other girls do. No one dies. A little further down the beach they have a flaming limbo bar, which I feel as if I can try. I get under without burning my face, and am greeted with a shot of vodka-something on the other side. Koh Phi Phi loves to party!
We walk around the town for the rest of the night checking out different bars here and there, and grab a slice of delicious street pizza before heading home.

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