Laos: Lazy Luang Prabang Day

We wake up late in the day and go across the street for breakfast. Everyone is off doing their own thing, some people are still asleep, and I think some of us are at a pool somewhere, but Ilona and I head over to the market. It’s only really a true market at night time and most of the shops are now closed, but we do find some cute jewelry. Ilona buys a thin silver bangle for each of the girls in our little travel group, for us to add to the random assortment of bands and bracelets on our wrists.

The whole group had decided last night that we wanted to meet up at Utopia (the bar down the street with a volleyball court) for an early dinner and then game of volleyball. We decided on 5pm, and when the 6 of us get there the boys are nowhere to be seen. We eat some food and have a drink by the water to wait for them but they never show up. The problem with having no cell phones and no consistent wifi.

We give up on waiting and walk down the road looking for travel offices, because we need to book a van or a bus to get to Vang Vieng tomorrow. Vang Vieng is another city in Laos where we’ve heard there is a fun river where we can go tubing. Apparently the party crowd that used to reside there has been cut down due to the closing of many bars and clubs (I think a purposeful attempt to wash out partying tourists, there are rumors that some people died while drunk tubing) but we know that if the group of us go, we’ll have fun even if it’s not busy. Tubing is tubing, with friends is even better. We don’t find any offices open that can help us book a vehicle for tomorrow at a good price, so we decide to wait until tomorrow to book it. We roam around the night market for a little while, but we’re all still really tired so we head back to the hotel. We plan on waking up early tomorrow morning (like 5am kind of early) to watch, and hopefully take part in, the giving of the alms, which is the ceremony with the monks getting food from people in town.

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