Thailand: Chaing Mai Sunday Market

After breakfast we decide to use this day to get some things done. I haven’t done a laundry yet since we’ve arrived, Ilona needs to send a package of things home (which I was lucky enough to have Dolly do for me when I was in India), we have not decided on a way to get to Laos yet, and we have yet to book a place to stay in Koh Phangan for the Full Moon party, so most of our afternoon consists of those sorts of things. Not too exciting, sorry.

Someone that we met a couple days ago had told us that there is a market that only takes place on Sundays downtown Chiang Mai, so we decide to go visit that when we’re done with the boring stuff. The market is HUGE and we walk around for about 3 or 4 hours but I lose track of time because I’m having so much fun. I buy lots of small things like hair accessories and jewelry, because all the market clothes are a size like 00-2 and are “one size fits all”. Grr. Other than the small clothing, the markets in Thailand are awesome and this one doesn’t have any raw fish stalls (just fresh fruit and cooked meats) so it doesn’t smell! Bonus!

The market is lined by shops which are there full time and stay open late on Sundays to get business from the market go-ers. A lot of them are vintage clothing shops, which are fun to look at but the shoes are SO tiny.

We walk into a store (not a market stall but an actual, in the wall, store) that was similar to American apparel in the sense that it just had SO many different colours in a small variety of styles of clothing. I buy a pink t-shirt and while I’m paying, the store employees ask us if they can get a picture of me holding the shopping bag and of course I say yes. One of them runs to the back, which I assume he is doing to get a camera, but no, he comes back with two purple slushy texture “shots”. We ask what’s in them and he tells us it’s vodka, blueberries and raspberries. We pose with the shots and the bag for a picture, and then drink the shots. He comes back out with the blender full of slushy drink, and pours us two more. We drink them quickly say thank you, and get out of the store before they try to get us totally hammered with a mystery purple drink. In hind sight we should NEVER have drunk it at all because I do not know these people… But a) it was a legitimate store not a random market stall, and b) they were like the cutest and friendliest Asian people, who were just REALLY happy that I bought a shirt.

We walk home (slightly buzzed from the slushy shots) and go to sleep.

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