Bye India!

I have to wake up early because my flight to Thailand is at noon! I can’t believe my time in India is already up, it seemed so short, but I know I will be back again soon. My father is already making plans for us to go back and visit with the whole family. I look forward to returning, but I also can’t wait to get to Thailand and check out a whole new culture that I know absolutely nothing about. I really haven’t even researched anything about Thailand until our days in Goa, when I picked up the Thailand Lonely Planet guide for the first time. That is all I have to prepare myself for what awaits me in the next 45 day, but I like it that way! That and I watched the Hangover Part 2 which takes place in Bangkok, so I fully expect to return with a tattoo on my face.

Ilona had already left for Bangkok yesterday afternoon, and is now happily settled into a hotel. She tells me that the city is beautiful, warm and friendly, which makes me even more excited to go!

Bye Delhi!! It’s been wonderful… and weird.

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