India: Market Shopping

We wake up early, because neither of us are used to the time change yet. We hang out in our room and listened to the streets come alive outside our window. Some of the sounds are awful and disgusting like old men spitting on the street, some sounds are loud and obnoxious, like the constant honking of motorbikes, rickshaws, and cars. Pigeons also crowd our window and the hallway outside our room door, cooing all morning. I know that these sounds mean I am really here, and I love it.
Ilona and I go for breakfast on the rooftop patio of our hotel where I have a banana lassi and chai tea to drink, with a tomato and cheese omelette that has absolutely no tomatoes, and only a very small amount of a mystery cheese.

Ilona has already been here for a week without me, and tells me I need to buy a pair of comfy pants so we decide to go out into the market to find some. She has already bought 8 pairs of pants, and lets me wear a pair of hers to go shopping in. I put them on and I wonder why anyone has ever bothered to make any other style of pants at all. They are heaven.
The market is only one street away from our hotel so I am instantly overcome with the sights, smells and sounds of the market. It’s beautiful, in a really dirty and overwhelming way. Comfy pants are only about 150 rupees- which translates to about $2.75. I buy like 5 pairs in all different colours and patterns. The jewelry is another fabulous find in the market place. Of course the cheap stuff is the kind that will turn your hand green, but it’s so fun to shop for anyway that I can’t help myself. My best purchase was a silver coloured bracelet that links to a ring on my finger. Very cool.

After we have shopped for like, 3 hours and I have spent only $30 dollars, we go to a tourist travel agency nearby and plan our way to Agra, Jaipur, and Goa.

We then go to a rooftop bar in the main market area where we have dinner as the giant red sun sets on the city. It’s lovely. By about 8pm I am exhausted and want to sleep. Which I do, until about 3am when I wake up and cannot sleep anymore. Oh, jet-lag.

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